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I just got back to my house in between timelines Tomorrow I start my new job at a high school. Good thing I know the principal. I teleport to my bed and lie down This will be SOME experience. THIS RP TAKES PLACE THE NEXT DAY, I'm at my custom made classroom that is made of a void where everything floats, I'm playing Minecraft on my computer waiting for the students to arrive, the sign above my door says SPEED CLASS, I'm talking on Steam chat with my bro Nightshade while playing Minecraft Should I be the farmer? Muffled talking comes from the headphones We're both the builders. You'll be the fighter/hunter, I'll be the Farmer/gatherer. My scythes are on my table
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(I added a poll on accident)

So anyone else gonna make profiles?

Name: Zanth
Age: Unknown, but looks 21
Race: 50% Human, 30% Monster, 20% Unknown
Gender: Male
Home Timeline: Undertale
Apprentices: None
Family: Nightshade(brother)
Mentor (Optional): None
Appearance: Looks mostly human, but right arm is skeleton, brown hair, black hoodie, red pants, red and black shoes
Voice (Optional): Mid-pitch
Theme (Optional): Greedilovania
Personality: Mostly calm, only mad if you kill Nightshade
Flaws: Hates cold water
Transformations: Infinite
Powers\Abilities: Every, but uses few, has RESET and CONTINUE ability, can ERASE timelines if too evil.
Weapons: Magic and chain scythes
Extra (Optional): None
Backstory: Zanth was once human, he and his 6 friends went down to the Underground. When they got down, they began to change into part monster. Zanth is the only one whom is mostly human. Yet he is the most powerful member of the group they formed: The True Guard. Be wary, for if you are going genocide, you will eventually face ERROR!Zanth, whom is impossible to survive.

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Welcome Students!
I am the Owner of this community. Here are jobs that are open!

Principal: +Jinlynx Prime​​


Everyone else is a student!
Now the Profiles must include basic information on you and your powers/quirk. And Provide a description!
Now have fun! 
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