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45th Deatached Reconnaissance Regiment [45th GSR] is Russian milsim squad based on partially simulating real army experience transferred to gaming space. Most of action is remodeling real army 45th GSR structure.

Squad created at November 2014, by reorganization of squads: North Caucasian Military District [CKBO] , Special Forces [SpnGRU], Arma Tunngle Gaming squad [ATG].


General: Objectives of the 45th GSR is effective implementation of different tasks behind enemy lines and executing any special operations orders of headquarters.

Main: Men of recon squad have exquisite training for recon and surveillance missions, direct actions deep in enemy territory.


We are recruiting basically Ru speaking players , but we opened for any international inviting for game. (TVT, TVE, PVE,PVP,COOP, CTI - projects).

-international players could join to us, but it required to know basic course of Russian language. (For unification of squad control with multilanguage players, where most of them is Ru speaking).


1) Age - 18+ (20+ prefered)

2) License copy of game (Pirates version not approved)

3).Free time for game (in Weak) - 12 hours (3 days for 4 hours or 2 days for 6 hours). Timezone: +3 CET\UTC (Moscow time).

4).Team Speak 3 (with active microphone and plugin of Task Force Radio).

5). Fill out the application on our website or Armaunits site.

6).Read and accept the rules on our website
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