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Hey there, thanks for joining the Feral community!

You can download the free playtest and character sample PDFs from, and if you like what you see and are in a position to help out, please visit the Feral Patreon site here: The more patrons who chip in the more time I'm able to spend working on it, and the faster it gets out there. Thanks heaps for all your interest and I really hope I can make an amazing game for you!

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This list grew a little... but hammering away through it.

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Hey it's my birthday! WOOOO! GETTIN' OLDER IS GREAT!!!

If you feel like it though I have an idea for a birthday present... and that's to tell folks about Feral RPG.

Not here on G+, I think I got that covered... but go hit up your favourite rpg forum, or Facebook group, or Twitter, or wherever. Link them to:

the website
or the Feral FB page
or even the Patreon

Lemme know how you go, where you hit up. It'd be greatly appreciated.


Will we be seeing a class preview in the near future? I'd like to make a character but that's the only piece missing

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Question real quick: is the Mushroom playtest character considered a Feral, or will mutant plants have their own race?

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Have a d100 Weird Item Generator from FeralRPG. For all your weirdo needs, you weirdos.

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Here's the follow up interview with Ben and Tim from The Obligatory RPG Show. We yak about Feral, how I got into the biz, house rules, shitlords, some excellent Australian RPG creators.... and whether Perth really does exist.

(the playtest podcast can be found here):

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If you were wondering what this game is like....
Ben and Tim from TheObligatoryRPGShow podcast hit me up to do an interview about Feral... and i realised they had no idea what the game was like. So I ran a demo game for them before the interview... and they recorded the whole damn thing. Have an hour and a bit of freefall fun.

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Feral Trinket Table for ya.
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