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Hey there, thanks for joining the Feral community!

You can download the free playtest and character sample PDFs from, and if you like what you see and are in a position to help out, please visit the Feral Patreon site here: The more patrons who chip in the more time I'm able to spend working on it, and the faster it gets out there. Thanks heaps for all your interest and I really hope I can make an amazing game for you!

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Screw it, have a double dose of #FeralRPG for maximum mutant action.

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New #FeralRPG #DnD Background: The Time Traveler!

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Whole bunch a stuff coming over the next week!

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Some light Feral reading for your Saturday evening commute, your late night dump, or your Sunday morning comedown.

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Hey there folks. With the announcement that they're gonna close down G+ I've decided to set up a new community on MeWe which you can find here:

You can also find my personal profile here if you're interested:

For the time being I'll continue to use this G+ community as always, but will cross post with the MeWe one as well. Thanks for everything!

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HAVE NEW STUFF. The Lost God is bit of an oddity, I wasn't going to bring magic into the game, but I've left it pretty vague.

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Awww yeah. Day off work = Day on Feral!

After the 70 page dumper I've gone over the backgrounds and classes and tried to tighten up the way the Proficiencies are organised and handed out. Here's the current list.

I think I've locked down the 10 classes to:

The Assassin
The Handler
The Hunter
The Investigator
The Machiner
The Ninja
The Psychic
The Solider
The Spy
The Zerker

Also, after yakking with +Stephen Brewer about the Time Traveller background (he is somewhat qualified on this matter) I now have to do a Godling background. Seeesh.
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