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People must stop referring to the word or name Satan. Tt is a convict name.

When he has his people they know who he is.

Believe men say so, others refer to their prison sentence and jail time. We do not.

It is the same. we all do jail time, condemnation and judgment.


I hate certain regions of the World. I have to clear my hate. And say,
"Out there in the world", because I will dismiss you over your race, type, and country.

Men most know where their currency and goods are exchangeable and in what region. Many Outposts still needed everywhere for bult exchanges.. With good value and exchange.


Kim Heil can talk. Kim can communicate. Other-beings and Aliens talk and watch Her/He.

Do not through Men away because the can not talk. They can communicate.

I'm noticing a lot of men looking my way.

All I can understand is 8 or 9 years ago. Italy began sinking. Men with money were there and now it is gone. People are flooding that country in search of money that was once there.

They are searching for goods and exchange from around the world.

There is no drinking water in the Middle East U.A.E. They will not pump water from the ocean or land.
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