I don't have any pictures, so I hope it's okay.

Name: Yvette
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Yveltal
Appearance: Light gray skin, blue eyes, Black hair with red streaks, the yveltal tail, claws, and head things. She wears a purple tank top and black jeans with red and black shoes.
Personality: Usually likes to be an Isolator, she opens up to people she finds interesting, or finds trustworthy.
Bio: I've never knew anything about my past, except for the fact that I was trapped in a lab, but everything else is a blur to me, even if I had a family....

I hope this is okay.

Hi im new here :D

Lillia yawned. It was the first day of school. She was surprised that she had actually fallen asleep. She quickly got herself dressed and sat down at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast which was a plate of branches.

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Name: Flame

Pokemon: Flareon


Age: (human) 15

Personality: is sweet at heart but likes to stay tuff

Other: was raised by a charizard/human

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Name: Lillia

Pokemon: Fennikin

Apperence:  look at the photo..she has a bow...

Age (human is fine with me): 17

Personality:  she doesnt trust a lot of people and is egar to help. She is sweet to the core

Other: She left her old home due to paranoia and her not being able to trust her neighbors..
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