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Name: Eclipse
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Animal and Element: clouded leopard and wind
Powers: can control wind, sometimes weather patterns
Weapons: long curved knife, claws and fangs
Personality: sinister, mysterious, loner, rebellious, cautious, untrusting
Bio: Eclipse was abandoned by her parents as a baby, and learned to fend by herself on the streets, training her powers and earning a reputation as a good fighter. But later on, her abilities caught the eye of a kind trainer, who offered to let her stay in his house and train her professionally. Eclipse was hesitant at first, but she accepted, and now the trainer is like a father to her.

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(Rp with eclipse!)
I roamed the city, eyes calculating, taking in everything around me: birds singing, people hurrying to and fro, salesmen selling on the streets. Out of the corner of my eye, something caught my attention. Someone was sitting on one of the benches, a hood over their lowered head. I couldn't tell if it was male or female. Slowly, I approached the person. ((Open))

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Name- Liz
Age-  19
Gender- female
Animal & Element type-polar mammal
appearance-see pic
weapon- ice 
power- control snow and ice
personality- friendly, quiet, can be cold
bio-  unknown

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Name- Samson
Age- 23
Gender- male
Animal & Element type-giant salamander/water
appearance- (see picture)
weapon- poison skin, katana, and water
power- water control, moisture absorption and  body growth
personality- Mysterious, strong willed, calm, and relatively gentle 
bio- Once a respected priest of the amphibians Samson was the legendary amphibian giving the rest a feeling of reassurance in the war. However once he learned of the terrible things that were going on he broke off and joined the central city units as a negotiator, but even though his job seeks out no combat he is still by far one of the greatest if not the greatest warriors in the amphibian kingdom
goals-to restore peace and create balance

i look at the training grounds, twirling some snowflakes around in my hands just watching people quietly (open)

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Please Join!!! This is a RP based on LOTR and The Hobbit.

Okay I know this community hasn't seen a lot of light but as one of only active moderators right now I want this community to see light and not just a place to share your communities. So as of now communities can only be shared with the permission of a moderator.

Name- Kolgarini 
 Age- 17
 Gender- male
 Animal & Element type- Snake. water
  weapon- my snake and a katana my snake can make you hallucinate if it BITES you.
 power-  same as my snake and i can control water im a very fluent fighter and i also have very fast motions
personality- shy depressed
 bio- i grew up my parents were dead i dont know why

goals-to kill the person(s) that my killed my parents

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This is my character...
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