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God`s love and favor (for me) is not based on my likes and shares!

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please stop callin yoself the best rapper/ lyricist... if every other word is the "N" word or you cant say a line without dropping the "F" bomb.... face it!! everybody that is rappin/ singing aint really cut out for it, some of yall should throw in the towel. the rap game shouldnt be about poppin bottle and shootin. people say well "im doing it for the hood" well there is kids and old folks in the hood too...

35 murders in Marion County Indiana (Naptown) so far this year. In Duval County (Jacksonville) Fl 73 murders. Great Job people!!! SMH

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I hate when someone talks bad about everyone around them to others, trying to make themselves look good, and act like they are the greatest all knowing perfect parent and gods gift to man.. but in the real world they are just a liar.. You have done so much and you are so great............ outta here!!!

On any social media outlet... I am an imperfect human being, nowhere near the man and the potential person i am supposed to be... But look here, if you are on here talking about Jesus Christ/ God etc... and your profile picture is a photo of your own butt, or your face is not in the picture but we can see half of your breasteses... there is something VERY wrong... im just sayin

you need a cover-up tattoo to cover up the last cover-up tattoo. you covered up that persons name, now you have a new name to cover up!!

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