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This will be a place where I will sell my art
And yes! You can commission me! But only in DA points
My commotions are:

Sketch: 20 points
Head shot line art: 100points
Head shot colored: 200 points
bust : 400 points
Feral: 500 points
Full body: 600 points
Lineless art: 900 points (ONLY FOR HEAD SHOTS)
Backgrounds on any of them : extra 100 points

I hope you enjoy my art and find something you like

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New OC! Who I am selling and you can choose whatever you seem fit with them!
They are 500 DA points or 10 USD
If you are interested.
Once you buy them I will make a badge for you with the name you choose for them for free!
Any questions? Dint be afraid to ask!

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Look at this gay baby
Haha oh boy
He needs a good home
I am selling him for 450 DA points
If you are willing to purchase him
Please make sure you use the character so he's not just sitting there
Or make sure you know you won't sell him as well
So if you really are buying him because you like him
The we can talk
If you have any questions fell free to ask

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This is my own species called Noxinus
What you need to know is down below
If you want to buy one what you will receive is something like one the right
If you have questions about these guys
Ask me

These will be 800 points
2 Photos - View album

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These are Adoptables! Like is says in the Picture they are 50 points each
This is a first come first serve

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MIXTAPE! I really like this character and was iffy on selling her
But I need the points
So I will be selling her for 300 points
I hope you like her

And like always this is a first come first serve

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This is a character I made so you can choose the age likes, dislikes, bio all that. I will be selling her for 80 DA points

This is a first come first serve
You must have the points before you say you want it.
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