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UK terror threat level raised to critical
What the threat levels mean
LOW means an attack is unlikely.
MODERATE means an attack is possible, but not likely
SUBSTANTIAL means an attack is a strong possibility
SEVERE means an attack is highly likely
CRITICAL means an attack is expected imminently

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Isis affiliated groups have taken-over Mindanao in the Philippines.
The local hero Rodrigo Duterte is cutting his visit to Russia - to meet with President Putin - short, and has declared martial law from his airplane seat.
He promises - with indirect words - to kill them all.

Older article predicted this: Military monitoring 16 foreign terrorists in Mindanao:

Official announcement of martial law:

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New footage from inside the concert in Manchester.

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Terror attack at Ariana Grande concert in Britain.

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A known - and currently persecuted for trying to reach Syria - ISIS-sympathizer has been arrested for making photographs at a Dutch military air-base in Volkel, The Netherlands.

This is the same military air-base believed to be housing the U.S. nuclear rocket arsenal for their Netherlands location.
The surety of this is unknown, since the location and amount of the arsenal is left over to speculation.

The - known by Dutch-police - Jihadist had gotten access to the military air-base in Volkel due to a construction job that took place inside the base.
He happened to work for the company receiving the contract, and was send to the base to operate heavy-machinery.
Whilst inside the military base he was arrested by military-police for taking photographs, and handed over to the regular authorities.

The same man failed trying to reach Syria a couple of years earlier, and had been send back to the Netherlands by Turkish authorities after catching him at the Turkish / Syrian border.
Since then the Dutch justice department allowed him to remain free whilst investigating and concluding his case, which is currently still ongoing.

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Sweden's official twitter-account has a new guest redactor every week.
Last week's redactor was Vian Tahir, whom decided to push her own agenda through this short-lived power and decided to block 14k users for hate-speech. (Or for being pro-Israel, either way)

An initiative of the Swedish Institute, the @Sweden Twitter account is run by a different person each week - either someone located in Sweden (who may or may not be a Swedish national) or a Swedish citizen abroad. It is used to promote the country around the world.

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