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Danish Society for Life Extension meeting

Sunday, the 18th of June at 2pm (14 hours) is the meeting time.

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Biopreservation Market worth 3,731.03 Million USD by 2020

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I need comments on this Public Interest Statement for my draft, The Growth and Decline of Cryonics (also available for comment): The search for a “fountain of youth” has occupied mankind since the beginning of human history. Cryonics (freezing at death) offers one of the latest solutions. Revival with a regenerated body is seen as possible, assuming technology has become sufficiently advanced. However, cooling must be continuous, probably for hundreds of years. This paper was written to alert cryonicists of the need for greater organizational robustness, if there was to be any hope that this experiment would succeed. Literature on organizational failure and on barriers to enrollment were reviewed. Two strategies for reinvigorating growth were presented. Unfortunately, Industry leadership refused to accept that there were problems and even censored earlier versions of this paper. While cryonicists consider themselves to be taking a scientific approach to life extension, this response to criticism suggests religious fanaticism. An analysis of leadership attitudes and behavior indicates that cryonics has become a religion for some.

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Discuss the Growth of Cryonics, CI Election, etc. this weekend.

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Growth and Decline of Cryonics published

The article summary:

The key to survival of the cryonics industry appears to be a successful transition to the mainstream. However, continued isolationism appears to be essential to the maintenance of a preferred self-image by insiders. While insiders see themselves as ‘saving lives’ by performing an advanced form of medicine, the isolationism of the industry is actually resulting in the ‘loss’ of many lives that could be ‘saved.’ If unchanged, these cult-like beliefs and the associated isolationism will eventually lead to the destruction of the industry.

The editor welcomes opposing views:

The article abstract is posted separately and comments can also be left there:

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Hello everyone,

I've just joined this community. I'm also trying to promote my new novel, The Transhumanist Wager, which may interest some of you. It heavily involves themes and ethical decisions regarding cryonics. Here's a brief description of it: Philosopher, entrepreneur, and former National Geographic and New York Times correspondent Zoltan Istvan presents his visionary novel, The Transhumanist Wager, as a seminal statement of our times.

To learn more about the novel, click on "About" on my profile. To buy the novel, click on the Amazon link below (for both the digital (special $2.99 price right now) and paperback ($12.95) versions):

You can also find the book in other formats on the web by searching for it. Feel free to contact me.

Many thanks for your time, Zoltan Istvan

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CI Member-only Discussion Forum on Google Plus

From the Cryonics Institute About:

This Community is a private, uncensored forum for Cryonics Institute Members only. 

Material posted should relate to CI or the Cryonics Industry generally.

A private Community requires that you apply to join. Please certify that you are a CI Member in your request.

The first post for discussion:

The Guidelines for posting to the CI List and some other cryonics forums have become so restrictive that serious discussion on many issues has become impossible. In addition, the Leadership is secretly blocking and deleting Messages. These actions undermine democracy and impede the information function specified in the CI Bylaws (II-A. Section 2.01). The primary objective of this Community is to allow for the discussion of all issues important to the growth and survival of CI. 

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