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To all those who have chosen our community, welcome. Arturelia is an Empire between the borders of the Territories of the KA'PO"TUN and Tsaesci. This continent is as large as Cyrodil, Morrowind, and Skyrim combined. Ruled by Her Majesty the Empress Eliona, first of that name, Queen of the outlying territories and Majesty of the Sunken realms.

This post is my Salutations to you.

                 To Arturelia!!!

((Open Rp))
The Empress of Aturelia has sent an invitation to every able bodied Adventurer to meet at the Grand City of Alanasia. A representative of her Majesty has come in her place to announce a very dangerous assignment to retrieve a certain artifact for a certain and very important  clientele.

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Arenth Serilius
Allignment:New Colovia
Abilities:He is very Good with animals an example is his wolf zrelk
Socialstanding:He is not very rich but he gets by a commoner you could say
Loyalty:The transverian empire
Personlity:Diffrent from time to time
Weapons:a Long enchanted dagger
Armour:a kind of Steel armour with withe clothes over them
Height: 1.73 meters
Physique:He is quite light and agile he is not very strong


The Lost son of Arentius Serilius he had a normal uppringing with his mother in the imperial city but after he found out who his father is he tryed to find him for many years

But after years he found out his father was The baron of New Colovia seconland falleras and Xantia he got there and met up with him they talked and eventually beacame friends Arentius then gave Arenth a mission to travel to Atruelia find out more about them and their Culture and what to do if they attack the Empire of transverian

During the travel he met a mage named Eron Drakus with a theory about life and immortality they beacame quite good friends

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Name:Eron drakus
allignment:runecrest Academy
Homeland:High rock
Weapons:Magic spells and a dagger
personality:straight forward not very social

Bio:Eron was born in high rock in a small Village and from a Young age Always wondered how things work he studied alchemy and magic

He heard about an Academy in transveria and traveled there he rose high up and beacame respected but all that changed when he came up with a theory of Creation a bit diffrent it said that all is made out of mana and all things are just mana in diffrent forms and that immortality just means that you can use mana again and that Souls are a the small part of mana that can't be Lost so easily

This coused an outcry from the religious society and he was stripped of his rank and now looks for a New Place to practice his craft he found in Autrelia where he shall set up a collage to teach his New magics

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Name: Arveldir Anuon

Age: 352

Gender: Male

Race: Angel

Homeland: Alinor, Alinor

Loyalties: Holy Arturelian Empire

Abilities: Ionian Hetairoi (The ability to transport the mind and understanding of another to a separate reality where all their desires are met and have been granted. This ability works on anyone and anything that exists. However...he can only do this as long as he keeps the foe in a trance-like sleep, and he can only do this to one person.)

Personality: Very hard to anger, low self-esteem, submissive, polite and very cultured. He likes to see everything in everyones angle and point of view

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 5"10'

Physique: Strong, fast, and agile. Precise and accurate. Sharp.

Armour: Armour of Benevolence, Gauntlets of Mercy, Boots of Servitude, Circlet of Promise.

Weapons: Enchanted Audrem Dagger. Enchanted Dual Knives of Practice, and Sword of Chivalry.

Social Standing: Loved by the people and government, considered a saint. Hated by the bandits he prevents from his lands.

Economic Standing: Price Of Adralada and Asteren, rightful ruler to the throne of Dravis in Cair Alanasia.

Class: Paladin

Bio: Arveldir was not born into a Royal family. In fact he was found by two kind farmers near the walls of Alinor. They took care of him, taught him the importance of hard work and gave him a sense of morality.

Over the years there, he built up in physical strength required for intense farmwork that was done everyday. One day, Arveldir was old enough to venture on his own. He left Alinor and sailed for Cyrodil. Once there, he was fascinated to learn that he had a gift for magic.

He then continued to study in the local University which he entered by the recommendation of Alinor's University of Divination.. For 50  years he studied magic and honed his restoration skills.

Over the years he joined the fighters guild, while also building up his reputation by battling in the arena. As time went on, his fame grew into a popularity.

He advanced few levels above everyone else due to his hard work on his studies. eventually he became a master wizard and left cyrodil with the title of Champion of the Arena.

He traveled back to Alinor and studied I their many universities for 50 years mastering all the basic fields of magic. He then met an old friend named Aliona Aralrae, now an empress of an Empire to the East.

She did him a favor and told him to get out of Alinor. She and Arveldir traveled to the now powerful Arturelian empire and studied together for 2 years on the Ancient magic that Eal Lovres (Brother of Eliona) taught her.

For 50 years built up trust from the Arturelian Court and the Theridorian people. This was about the time where he found out that he was a literal Angle.

The necromancers of Theridor attacked a small village in the Provacte Province. Arveldir was at that time a General....and at that time he had friends in that particular village. He went there personally to rid Provacte of the vermin.

Little did he know that the Necromcers have already killed all those once lived there. Once he reached the village, he was attacked by his undead friends, he had no choice but to put them to rest.

This angered him to no end, he then instantaneously incinerated the bodies of the Necromancers. After he destroyed the heathens, he buried the ashes of his friends.  

He now rules 3 Provinces and is the General of the Imperial Arturelian Empire. Though, he likes to wander all about Theridor and see how beautiful his new homeland is.

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Name: Thomas
Titles: The Divine Chef, The Grand Enchanter, The walking Forge
Age: 23
Gender: Male
 Race: Argonian
Appearance: Medium build, he's not big, but also not small.
Height: 7'
Weight: 230
Scale color: Sapphire Blue ((pictures below))
Personality: Wise, yet has a very short temper, he speaks really only when spoken to or pissed off (which is rather vulgar speech when he says anything) but has a helpful side to him.

Loyalties: Greybeards, college of winterhold, and whoever doesn't piss him off.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, does only what benefits him.
Social Standing: upper middle class, while has experience with talking to those of royalty, or importance, he's usually seen talking to lower class, having history with them.
Economic Standing: Semi rich, has enough money to cover his expenses (usually booze) and have a little left over, however nothing extraordinary. 

Class: Civilian/Berserker (based on his abilities)


Fine clothing with dragonbone gauntlets made by his own hands.

Greybeard robes, no gauntlets.

A satchel he normally carries his items in, including a small black book, various flasks and ingredients for cooking

His fists/The world around him
Dadric dagger of vampurism (1)


Hitskin: Rapidly recovers from wounds though this power takes time to be used again, about a day of rest fixes it.

Culinary Intuition:
Users of this ability are able to become master chefs of the highest caliber, they are able possess a natural instinct for culinary cuisine in both taste and smell. Their intuition allows them to create astonishing foods from the finest ingredients or the most repugnant of ingredients. They can also make material that was previously thought to be inedible into rations for a group

Anger Empowerment:
User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. through anger, rage, hatred, and vengeance whether their own or others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. However after use of this the user will become incredibly tired.
Max lift/throw/force: 690lbs (3x his weight)

Pain Suppression:
Users can block pain at will or are incapable of feeling pain or highly resistant to physical pain of any kind, allowing them to think clearly and continue to move despite grievous injury. Users can think clearly, continue to move, ignore torture and generally function in situations where pain would disable a normal person. However wounds and such are still present, so a fatal stab wound, while being ignored, can still kill the user of this power, it also has no off switch, meaning if someone was to strike them they wouldn't know till later if they didn't see it.

[Acquired powers]

 Being a member of the Greybeards I have knowledge of the voice, however I prefer a few over others. Though prefer not to use the voice for combat unless needed as is part of being a greybeard is to keep neutral.

Fire magic
Mostly to conjure fire in the hands, has the following forms:
Fire hands

Restoration Magic
Healing (self)
Healing Hands


Titles: The Divine Chef, The Grand Enchanter, The Walking Forge

Can juggle
Speaks Drunk Fluently
Makes his own kind of alcohol

The gourmet? I know who it is, I should if I trained them.

I will cook for you, but I will drink while I cook. Got it?

incoherent drunken ramblings

I wonder how far I can punt you?

A weapon? Cheater.

((the bio of Thomas is broken up into parts for chapter like reading))

23 years ago Thomas hatched born into a slave family, he was a slave himself. working the moment he could walk, he was a part of a large opperation using Argonian slaves for profit. He was malnourished and was rarely cared about just like the other slaves, but he had something they didn't, a will. All other slaves seemed broken, defeated, doomed to work until they died, then another would fill their place. Because of Thomas' will, he was whipped daily for talking back to the overseers, forced to work day and night with no rest or food, but Thomas didn't care, that was until he was 10, when he escaped them. It was strange at first, being free but he grew to like it, and over the course of four years he he lived alone, now wanting others to be free he trained long and hard, he had a strong body to begin with thanks to all the work he was forced to do, he returned to the same place at the age of 14, with only one thing on his mind, revenge and freedom. That's when Thomas lost his innocence and committed murder, killing the head of the operation, freeing the other slaves from this. Most were confused, without the master to take minimal care a lot died, some got caught and ended up working for crueler masters, some didn't even notice and kept going about it as if they were stuck. Their freedom killed so many, and it was all Thomas' fault. The aftermath, Thomas wandered, defeated, taking care of himself, he had a knack for cooking, but also had a temper that could do more than kill.


Around the age of 17 he wandered into Skyrim, there was a roar as a Dragon descended and landed in front of him.
"Hello there prey" the dragon muttered in the nord tongue, wanting to instill fear in Thomas.
"I am not prey. But I will fight you, even if I don't have a weapon, I'll use my fists." Thomas muttered.
The fight began, and while both suffered heavy damage, Thomas emerged victorious, but what to do with the dead dragon? He found suitable meat under the scales, and so cooked the dragon, his signature dish was in the making. He wandered north to winterhold, along the way he found a peculiar dagger, after arriving at the College in search of answers he found out it was Dadric, and enchanted, it fascinated him, magic always had that effect on him, so he studied there, during his time he learned of the voice, and traveld to high Hrothgar, to study as well, all the time training his cooking skill as well, he mastered a wide variety of skills from enchanting, to blacksmithing, and of course cooking, many asked if he was the gourmet on several occasion all the while replaying with "no". That was until at the age of 22 when a young nord approached him, asking  to train her in the way of cooking to win the heart of a warrior she loved. Thomas agreed, and she became known as the gourmet, though her skill was incredible thanks to Thomas, she always said his tasted better, why he never took the title who knows, but after a year he made home in Solitude, when he found out his mother and father lived there and ran the inn.

The moment Thomas went to the inn him and his father got into a fight, nearly destroying Solitude in the process, that was until his mother knocked them both out, but that's where Thomas spent a few months, cooking and making money, getting drunk just about every night, it was an adventure in itself. As time passed however Thomas grew bored, and so stopped working for his mom and pop and began wandering once more, having a supply of money, and a sense of finding something better.

((I figure we have enough profiles that we can do a few rps now. So, I'll start.)) Thomas, a wandering chef , wearing his fine clothing with dragonbone gauntlets, looks aorund at his new surroundings I wonder where I am now...he stops by a nearby stream, and sits down by a tree along the bank. Looking at the stream in front of him. ((open rp))

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Use of Magic

The way of Magic is as stated:
Magical potency, durability, and accuracy will be determined by three factors. (The First on the list is the most Needed)
2:Intellectual Capacity
3:The power of your Will.
This method is more prominently described as the 'Intellegas' way of magic. There are two limiting factors to this (The first is more powerful)
1:Loss of understanding
2:Loss of Memory
How much magic you can use because of this is determined by three factors (The first is the most powerful)
1:How long you have studied Magic
2:If you still study magic today
3:Your current Age (This does not hinder your casting abilities, it promotes it. The older the better.)
Your Current Magica pool and your Mastery of Certain Spells is only determined one way
1:If you use Magic consistently
Spell power can only be as powerful. There are limiting factors in which you can use in the stead of Intellect.(Using spells beyond your intellectual Capabilities)
1:Physical Capabilities (Drains your Lifeforce)
2:Ethereal Capabilities (Eats at your very soul)
If you use very powerful spells (that are beyond your powers) these two factors will limit how much you use.
The Undead cannot cast very powerful spells due to the Soul limitation, for the Undead have none.
The Range of your Spell casting is only determined by one factor
1:How powerful your Spell is.
There is also one very unique limiting factor for all those who use powers beyond their Mind. It is called Equivalent Exchange.
If the spell is too powerful for your mind to handle, it will be determined by the two factors I said earlier, but if you keep insisting the Arcane, it will Activate Equivalent Exchange. 'Everything that is Taken must be Replaced with something of Equal Value'. Meaning if you want to do something very powerful it will drain your life force and your soul force plus replacing what you have taken.....and if the Arcane is called to do something too powerful for your mind, body, and soul...the spell will take your soul and give it to the Eternal Flow.

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Name: Eliona Arlanarae I

"Devices are we to our own end, if we, as one peoples, thank that we are divided."

Race: Altmer

Homeland: Alinor, Alinor

Gender: Female

Age: 421

Alignment: Moral Neutral

Physique: Weak, but very fast

Height: 6'0

Personality: Calm, collected, thinks before speaking.

Armour: Heavily enchanted Royal Clothing.

Weapons: None. (But if needed, a Bound Sword)

Abilities: The complete ability to match any magical effect to cancel it.

Loyalties: The Holy Arturelian Empire (Ar-tur-rē-lē-an)

Social Standing: Emperess

Class: Master Mage

Bio: Eliona was very young when her big brother left for the Thalmor. As her brother, she hated men and their barbaric ways, so when she too came of age, she joined the Thalmor.

Her years in the Service were (to her then) the best days of her life. The smell of burning flesh and the screams of humans became her addiction.

Until one night when her Grandmother Aralara died. She came too late, her grandmother was already in a grave. That moment forward, her skills became lacking and she became distracted.

For Aralara was her only family left. She then was discharged when she accidentally killed an Imperial general who had important information. But before she was sent home, she was punished severely.

She was tortured for years. She was then released to enemy territory, buck naked, on the frozen roads of Skyrim. She wandered Skyrim aimlessly until she was taken in by a kind Forsworn Band.

She hated the Thalmor because now she realized what they were really about. The Forsworn told her tales of their great culture, she was amazed and dazzled of how barbaric but beautiful it was. But then the Forsworn told her of the Stormcloaks. She was amazed, of how Hypocritical the Stormcloaks really were.

To her it was pathetic. After her wounds healed and she was fully energized, the forsworn let her go. She left Skyrim immidiatly after she heard that there was a shouting lunatic, running around the forest killing and Elves left and right for absolutely no reason. (Unless they were Thalmor, then she would understand.)

She traveled around Tamriel, going to human and beast civilizations alike, learning of their culture and magic. From Cyroldil, Highrock, and Hammerfell, to Morrowind, Argonia and Elswyer.

She then Floated across to Akavir, visited the Kamal, Ka'po'tun, and the Tang mo. She then hesitantly visited the Tsaesci. All the while learning all their magic.

She then again drifted to a small continent right below the lines between the Tsaesci and the Ka'Po'Tun territories. It was as big as Skyrim, Cyrodil, and Morrowind combined. It's name....Theridor

The populace consisted of Elves, Men, and Beast alike. Though it was once prosperous, a great pestilence plagued the land. They did not have the Magics to stop it. Fortunately, Eliona did.

After the land was healed, the prosperous nation rose again. She was considered a hero. She then served in court as one.

A hero has the capabilities to sway the kings and queens, Eliona was was above all the previous heroes because she saved the entire continent.

It became apparent to her that the land was severely divided before she came, and at the meeting of kings, she established what has never been done before.

A continent wide truce for peace and unity. The Land flourished, diversity became normal, and the money flowed as if it was liquid. Poverty was lowering and almost everybody had jobs. All these years people thought that Theridor flowed because of war, now they found an alternative, and it is Eliona to thank for that.

Eliona kept helping the people, established Universities, farms, temples, houses, and etc. Theridor became an Empire. The Kings enjoyed the peace and tranquility, they spent more time with their families than with their swords.

Eventually, the Kings decided to appoint their first National Leader, an Empress. And who better to suit the role other than Eliona, the Kings were happy, and the people were happy, why not?

She spent 100 years raising the Empire after her Election. By this time, Theridor became one of the most wealthy and most powerful counties on Nirn.

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Arturelian Currency:
The Official name for the currency is Dracma.

Instead of using the cursed gold coins that the Tameielians love so much, Arturelia uses a Metal named Mali, it is found in the deep caverns of Akaviir, Pyandonta, and Esrionet.

The metal itself is not very heavy, but is as strong as Dragon Heart Scales. It took the best of the Anumi (An Arturelian College of Arcane Arts) two whole days to find out how to bend and form the Metal.

After it was Descovered, it was found that the Metal was Formed when Bedrock is exposed to Deadly Levels of Magica for 20 days. And so the Demand of BedRock came into existence.
When Formed the Metal looks like Quartz and then becomes mailable through the process of Zaelolation (The exhibiting of small bursts of Deadly Magica).

There a Five Coin Variations. Starting with Thousands...Then Hundreds...then Fifties...tens...then ones.

There are three bill variations. From twenty fives.

One Drakma costs seventy five Septims.

All those who use the Currency are....the Compliant paties of Akaviir (83%), and the Arturelian colonies of Nirn.
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