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Planar Travel Rp!

The multiverse is a hard and confusing place, ranging from different ways to travel between. These "Between the multiverse" areas are called links. Links were all made by Hellsent a long, long, long time ago. However the most prominent link is a wormhole/teleport, long routes could bring up more adventure!

Currently the story is yet to start so create a profile and explore!

Story Arc 1- The Great Freeze (Spoiled Title)

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Plane Profile/Lore

The Void
If Celestia is the place where gods are born, the Void is where they die. It is a husk, a shadow, an all devouring hole in reality, it is the darkness that is ever gnawing at the edge of your mind.

Psionics and Magic are equally powerful in the void, as they both do nothing, or almost nothing. The Void absorbs energy, so anything you use in there will basically fall apart instantly.

Gods are weak here, as this world is literally the great enemy of the Multiverse, it is the devourer.

The world has a kind of mind, seeming to act malevolently, and grow outwards.

This cannot be teleported to or travelled to naturally, one can get there through a rift in reality, but only through a rift in reality.


Rifts are the cracks at the edge of reality, they are the dark gates, they lead into the Void, they are how the void can influence other worlds, and drain their energy, where a rift is your power will be brought down, unless of course you are tied to the void itself.

The cut appears with the new figure, the Stormbringer arrives in the world of fire and ice, a world of constant conflict. The figure seems to draw off the conflict, as does the rift, pulling in the magic and psionic energies, the rift is invisible to the eye of course, but it is there, devouring it all. The figure seems unaware of it, his own energy swirls with conflict, it is the storm, a force of chaos, and from chaos it draws it's power, it is fire and water. "Well then, this looks like a terrible place to be, but I suppose I'm here for a reason." ((Open Roleplay))

Through the strange reality cuts a single bolt of lightning, swirling with massive amounts of energy, as it hits the ground time is shattered for a second, as are things like gravity, as rocks float upwards, and lightning dances across the ground, from it rises a toa sized warrior, his mask is that of the golden hau, his name is Veor the Stormbringer, the most powerful being born of Diellesx, Makuta Slayer, the last of the Storm Toa. ((Open-ish.))

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A large swirl appeared from the clouds. Down on the ground, a star shape appeared, and lightning struck the area. A shell surrounded the shell, and a figure rose out of the shell. The figure was tall, but hunched, and kind of skinny. The figure raised his hand, and the clouds and swirl departed. Revealing the beautiful sky. The figure looked around him, armor was scattered around him. The armor was colored Greg, it looked old. The armor then fell apart, turning into a bunch of bugs. The bugs swarmed around the figure, for a second, the figure turned red. And then it turned blue. The bugs hardened onto the figure, and the figure turned into what he looks like now. The figure concentrated, and closed his eyes. He transformed into a strong, not short nor tall character, with silver wings. The character walked around, he looked around and sat down, he was able to communicate with the nature. He talked for hours, to the trees, the bugs, the rahi. All of a sudden, he transformed back into the blue, hunchbacked character. He figured out what was going on, he must concentrate and try to open his mind, he must be able to see all, to be able to communicate all, but when he isn't, he will be stuck in this weird form, where he is sure his mind isn't the only thing controlling him.
//This was how I wanted to introduce my character, can I count this as a profile?
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Name: Veor Stormbringer
Age: Unknown
Species: Toa (Makuta like though.)
Gender: Male
Universe of Origin: Diellesx (Ending up on Tara Nima and then scattered across the multiverse.)
Elements: Shadow, Storm

Charge Blade: Charging his blade with lightning

Lightning Blast: Shooting lightning at people

Lightning redirection: Drawing energy from lightning to increase his power.

Storm Summoning: Creating a Storm

Cloak of Shadows: Turning invisible by pulling shadows around him.

Shadow Control: He controls shadows as if they are physical.

Shadow Sense: He can see in the dark for lack of a better word, (Similar to Toph's ability to feel vibration.)

Shielding: He wears the Kanohi Hau, it protects him from the attacks of an enemy.


Weapons: Katana.

Mask: Hau

Bio: Veor comes from a darker world called Diellesx, after fighting multiple enemies on that world including Makuta, (who he killed), he left heading onto a nearby island that appeared out of the mist, this Island was Tara Nima, a world travelling island which he eventually sacrificed himself to save it, instead of dying he was scattered across the Multiverse appearing on many different world, or versions of worlds.
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Name: Eldritch
Age: 30
Species: Angel (There’s a weird thing about him though)
Gender: Male
Element: Life (High training) and Death (High Training) Magic, Counter magic (low training)
Powers: Counter spell, death manipulation, Life manipulation
Counter spell: Anything using magic that is basic or simpler can be countered by Eldritch, in other words he blocks the spell from being casted. This does require concentration to do.
Death Manipulation: The ability to create negative energy in masses and use said energy to harm the living and heal/raise undead.
Life manipulation: The ability to create positive energy masses and use said energy to harm the undead and heal/cure the living
Mask: Mask of Tranquility (Grants the user full strength, speed and toughness even when injured or distracted. Always at your peak in other words)
Weapons: Sword of Valor
Weapon Abilities: Holy (Extreme), Hateful (Low)
Holy: The ability to herm evil creatures and evil things more with a single stroke.
Hateful: The ability to harm angels and holy things with a single stroke.
Personality: Questioning
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Strengths: Fast, Strong, Agile, Tough
Weakness: Being an angel his wings can be hurt very easily by fire. They also can’t be used to fly should they get wet.
Biography: So long ago, a demon father and mother had child. But this child was not like the others. It wasn’t a quasit or any other type of demon. Somehow it was an angel. They raised their little angel boy to always hurt people and bring them closer to evil. However when the boy hit puberty he rebelled his parents and left them, running away. The angels didn’t allow him in heaven because he had demon DNA in him. The demons didn’t want him anymore either. So poor Eldritch was left with no one in the world. That is, until he met Leyla. The girl was mortal but some how lived forever due to time powers. She was fast too. She could manipulate time to speed herself up as fast as she desired. The stunning part was Eldritch didn’t know she was a teacher in Celestia. He soon would find out and train everyday with her. Eventually however the Flamemaster (Who’s name is unknown) found out about Eldritch in the school of gods. He wanted nothing to do with the demons or angels so he cast Eldritch away. Eldritch then would go to try proving his loyalty to the angels. Trying to find a way for them to appreciate him. He found a demons lair in Astrath. He fought the demon just like an angel would. But it was too powerful. Then it occurred to him, he needn’t forget his origins, but embrace them. He would fight the deon like a demon and angel mix. Seeing it confused and off guard. It was slain that day and Eldritch also got back the sword of Valor. An ancient Angel blade that was forged by a fallen angel and a angel. The blade had properties of both angel and demon in it. It was the perfect tool for Eldritch. Now, more than ever, Eldritch travels the planes looking for another, greater evil to fight.
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