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Name: Lillly
Age: 20 but acts like a one year old baby
Wears: a diaper wolf onesies and dress also bows
Likes: her wolf toy sleeping and nice people
Dislikes: mean people and messy diapers because it hurts and makes her butt red
Bio: when Lilly was young she could never use the potty like a big girl so she had to stay in diapers and she all ways needed someone to help change her diaper

These are the rules please follow them
Rule 1:This is a roleplay community for everyone which means keep your roleplays and posts rated T or below
Rule 2:Your employees in real life or not you do not have the right to force others to do your roleplays
Rule 3:In this roleplay you must roleplay as a diapered character which means sign up before posting anything or roleplaying
Rule 4:Your character sign up must have the following:A picture of your character in a diaper,your character's diaper,your character's age,your character's bio,what your character wears if you can think of anything that your character wears except for diapers,your character's name,who your character's mom and dad is,ect
Rule 5:No being mean to others
Rule 6:Keep all violence mild
Rule 7:Moderators do not abuse your powers
Rule 8:if you see or notice that someone is breaking the rules then report them
Rule 9:Your character doesnt have to be approved by me or a moderator so dont worry about your character being approved or disapproved
Rule 10:Be creative and keep your roleplays fun and keep your roleplays rated T or below
Rule 11:Your character has to be a diapered pony because this group is about roleplaying as a diapered pony
Rule 12:Please ask to join a roleplay unless the roleplay's post doesnt say ask to join
Rule 13:Sections in this community where you can change your diaper or have someone changed your diaper for you is in the Rooms,Dorms,and houses section and in the changing station section
Rule 14:Others and you are allowed to change your diaper on any section of the group
Rule 15:If you cannot follow the rules then you will be banned

I wish someone would read the rules in the all rules section,and sign up as a character,and then roleplay on this group
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