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Johan Khaw

Discussion  - 
8 Traditional Chinese Medicine Detoxification Methods:

1. Perspiration
Exercising or consuming medicinal soups—detox is achieved through perspiration.

2. Vomiting
Induce vomiting through medication, forcing toxins to be purged from the mouth.

3. Purging
To get rid of toxins in the stomach and intestines. 

4. Harmonisation
Useful when you are experiencing flu, dry mouth, dry throat and giddiness.

5. Warming
For spleen, stomach and gastrointestinal deficiency. Use a hot water bottle, warm water or medication that warms the stomach.

6. Heat-clearing
Good for people with high fever, dry mouth, sore throats and similar symptoms.

7. Elimination
For when you’ve eaten too much, experiencing indigestion or feeling bloated. Useful when you are experiencing flu, dry mouth, dry throat and giddiness.

8. Replenishment
Good for people who are experiencing numbness in the limbs or weakened body.
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Acupuncture Migraine Remedy Found
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Wendy Flanagan

TCM practitioners  - 
If you use herbal granules, this is a great price for Huang Qi from Tronex Herbal. Each Nong's bottle contains 200g and is highly regarded for efficacy.
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ياريت لغه عربيه وشكرا
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Eastover Estate and Retreat

Science and Philosophy ofTCM  - 
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This community is for subject matter of TCM Chinese Medicine and resources of practitioners and medicinal herbs.

Suhas Joshua

Discussion  - 
Acupuncture in New York City | Steven is a New York State licensed, NCCAOM certified acupuncturist and the owner of Flatiron Acupuncture in NYC. Steven offers a unique synthesis of Master Tung and Classical Chinese Acupuncture in his practice. He is a board certified herbalist with over 15 years of clinical experience.
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Ann Eastover

Discussion  - 
To Chinese everything you eat is a medicine. Do you know Goji bushes grow toward shade area, one of Ying supplement. But you cannot eat too much Goji berry everyday. Less then 15 a day is good. The bush leaves are delicious in egg or tofu soups.
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Eastover Estate and Retreat

Science and Philosophy ofTCM  - 
Blogs on Chinese Medcine
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