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Hi All,

my CDs exam is tomorrow. I have been studying my butt off for the last 12 weeks and I was also in Michael Risicia's Bootcamp too. I am just doing some practice on this vignette before tomorrow.

Please let me know if you see anything wrong with it. :)

Thanks so much,

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Transitioned to 5.0 ... studying for PPD and PDD ... looking for suggestions on bootcamps, courses and seminars

Anyone studying for PPP?

Looking for anyone who wants to sell their ARE 5.0 Ballast Book! I just transitioned and could use a break from all these books I am buying especially since i purchased Ballast 4.0 not too long ago.

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This is actually easier than the explanation given. Can you post the original question and I will try to assist you.

If you are convinced that you are correct, there's a good chance that the Kaplan material does not make any sense due to typos. Study materials, in general, are poorly edited.
My fellow comrades I have question. I'm doing the Kaplan questions (2010) #94. I don't know how they were able to calculate the elevations for each corner. Can someone please explain?
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Anyone looking for a Study Partner?

You can join many AER sp on StudyPal, few of my AER in NY have got good study buddies from it.

Hi...anyone have references (videos, etc) on how to read a sun chart?
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