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📚 BETH GREEN by Nicci Rae now available in Kindle and Paperback! 📚

They call her The Miracle Of Bethnal Green
She knows things she can’t possibly know
She’s just a child
Or is she?

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👻 You survived Monday……….but you’re not out of the woods yet………👻

MAD BESS WOOD available in Paperback & 99p Kindle Version!

For New Yorker Gus Freeman, a visit to England fulfils a lifelong dream - and breeds a lifetime of nightmares!

When her beloved best friend is killed in a drug-related shooting, Gus Freeman's world is turned upside down and, after an unexpected windfall, she decides to take a break from her dead end job and make the pilgrimage to England to walk in the steps of her hero, Lord Byron. Her trip takes her from the imposing Harrow School to Byron's seat of learning in Cambridge where a chance encounter leads her back to London and to a quaint inn called The Six Bells. Despite it's charming facade, The Six Bells has it's secrets and when Gus befriends a seemingly friendly local couple she discovers that some secrets are buried deeper than others. When the line between worlds blurs, a door to the past is opened, and, as her search for the truth reaches it's terrifying conclusion, Gus comes to realise that the answer lies - restlessly - in nearby Mad Bess Wood.

Based on real life events, Mad Bess Wood is the place where the past and present collide - and neither are necessarily on your side!

Any good books so far guys? Feel free to post reviews!!!

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Hey guys! This is an awesome community for people who like books or just are my friends. Of course, u can also anything u want on here as long as it's not mean. Have fun!
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