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(i know it looks like halo it isn't and yes i do have cybernetics)
Name: Sallus Yamato
Service Tag: 642
Weapons: Dual Magnums Assault Rifle LMG Sniper Rifle SMG all with Suppressor and Extended Mag
Abilities: Jetpack and Cloak
Bio: i started going to the school and eversince people started killing themselves i decided to protect my self.
Likes: Women guns and money
Dislikes: Zombies
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Name: It's Keith. Keith Dominic Serda. Remember that.
Alias: The Untouchable King
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Just know I'm not fat. Okay?
Personal Inventory: 
A lightweight titanium drill
A Saiga-12 Shotgun, with both buckshot and dragon's breath shells
Three Tactical tomahawks
Group Members: I'm a lone wolf. Fight alone, die alone.
Health Status: Physically, amazing. Mentally, questionable
Personality: Although he seems shady and untrustworthy, he's actually a calculating fighter with protective impulses and a sense of adventure and humor.
Specializations: Parkour and drill combat
Bio: Originally an enormous geek, Keith got the birthday gifts of his life: a functioning replica drill from Bioshock, and a 1-week vacation in Japan. However, his trip went awry after three days when the apocalypse hit. It's been his wits, combat expertise, and irrational sense of optimism that's gotten him this far. Now it's all gunsmoke and drill-spin.
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Name: Alexzander Onyx
Nicknames: Onyx. Alex
Age: 15
Sex: male
Height: 5'5
Weight: 117 pds I don't see the importance!
Personal Inventory: Leather gloves, A motorcycle, and a hand to hand combat knife.
Group members: uh, none.
Health Status: pretty damn fine Healthy
Personality: stubborn, can be a douche, sometimes nice, usually is alone, stays in the background, hates being center of attention, likes to keep to himself, hides a big secret, Geography nerd.
Specialization: Speed fighter and hand to hand combat
Bio: When it all broke out, he was at home with his mother. He had called in sick, because he hadn't felt like dealing with the teachers. About 2:30something, he came down stairs to snack on something. But we hen he came down he found his mom dead at the door. When he went over to help her, three zombies came and tried to attack him. He ran out to his garage, and been alone since. He is on the search for his father and little sister.

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Name: Dami Wayne
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 132lbs
Personal Inventory: Dual P99 Handguns
Group members: Horse named Steam, Wolf named Rale
Health Status: Healthy
Personality: Meet her and find out
Specialization: Handguns and Animal Training
Bio: Unkown
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Name flora
Nickname: flora
Age: 17
Gender : female

Hair type:long green and straight
Hair color : green
Eye Color: green and pink but same times she but put green contact to cover her pink eye
Aspierence look at the photo

Skills: she is a great hacker and a Great Medic

Weapons : a katana and a gun

Her personal bag back; medics First kit add, gun, food,money and her computer

Personality : she is kind , forgetful , clumsy , open mind,wised , hard working, and determined , innocent calm friendly ,

Likes : eating ,having friends Killing zombies ,computer

Dislike : Zumbie and not being cable rule of saving

Backstory : " I don't remember I just remember of falling down and being awaked in same where with like a hospital so I stared learning about the medicine when this happen I was called to a group of people to help to discover the cure but they hit attacks and I run away
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I am sitting down in an alley saying not a word I hold a knife in my hand. I examine my vest full of knives, making sure each one is there.

I think my character profile got deleted o_o +Noah Wilson  yo bruh u dead

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Name: Pandora Kilinsky (Kuh-Lin-Sky)
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: About 5'5"
Weight: Like I would tell you!
Personal Inventory:
~ Backpack: Masking tape, headphones, extra ammo, 800 yen, War of the Worlds on paperback, and a small dagger 
~*Pockets/Carried:* An old shotgun, another 200 yen, and a map
Group members: None yet
Health Status: Healthy
Personality: Pandora is a sarcastic and lazy person that doesn't care about anything, or at least she seems that way. Deep down she's actually very soft hearted and cares deeply about those around her.
Specialization: Even though she was lazy and never wanted to learn anything, she excelled in anything that had to do with guns.
Bio: Pandora was born to a family of seven, a family of doomsday preppers in Alabama. Growing up she was the youngest and never really cared for all the prepping her family did and progressively became lazier and lazier. It aggravated her family but she really didn't care. When she turned 16, her father announced that they would be moving to Japan for a "change of scenery." So she's lived there ever since. When the outbreak commenced, she hid in the family's storm shelter while the rest of them perished. Why? She never informed them of the outbreak. Of course she expected them to see those who were infected but by then it was too late for them. She had already locked the shelter. Now, Pandora is just staying alive on her own.

((I wrote that really late at night, so sorry if it's bad))

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Name: Elliot 
Gender :Male 
Race: human (Irish American)
Abilities :Great swordsman, strategic and Keeps a journal containing the types of zombies
Personality: He is placid, kind, brave, Dry sense of humor
Weapons: Duel Kukri Knives, M1911 pistol, M4A1 with red dot sight.
Likes: Killing zombies 
Dislikes: having no one to care for 
Bio: I was a boy who loved loved zombies and knew everything about them from games and movies. One day I was at school like always when I heard a crunching noises and sees a zombie. I was so exited...... until it started eating my classmates, some of them... yeah i hated...but they didn't deserve to die 

I freerun down the street, when i hear your sounds of distress and run towards the sound
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