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Welcome to the group please take the time and read the rules for this group.

Please tell us the following if you are informing us of your woodworking club,guild,association or symposium.

1. Name of your club, guild,association or symposium.
2. Where are you located i.e city and country.
3. Tell us how often you have a meeting.
4. If you have any website,meetup, Facebook or Google+ page(s)
5.Do you have a shop on the premise?

If you are posting a upcoming meeting. Please inform us of the following.

1. Where will the meeting take place i.e google map or address
2. What will be the topic that will be discussed (if possible).
3. Will you be broadcasting this via Facebook or Youtube live?
4. Create an event on Facebook in the post. If you do not know how to do the last two. Please refer to following.

Facebook event - (…)
Facebook Live - To Facebook Live in a group. Please click the the three ... (more) in the upper right corner of the post. From there you can select live video.
Youtube - (

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