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Name: Kay Winter

Age: 16

Gender: female

Rank: Waiting...

Height: 5"5

Weight: 125 pounds

Personality: sarcastic, clever and a bit sweet sometimes

Likes: blue things, Winter, candy, food, hugs, pranks

Dislikes: getting woken up from my sleep

Powers: I'll share my favorites with you.

I love feeling the wind in my hair and outfit. I usually make it cold or a little chilly at times but it's fine right?

I control the Winter kiddo.
I love this power because it helps me with my pranks. But it also brings snow days and blizzards depending on my mood.

Super strength

Eh I can pick a lot of people and things up. It helps sometimes. Though other time's it can be a real pain.

Equipment: She has a whacking stick. She uses the stock when she's lazy to produce snow from her fingers or when she's fighting bad guys

_Why Did You Become A Superhero/Villain: Actually hehe funny story I was pushed into becoming a superhero. When I was 13 I had a bunch of I'm.... Problems with my powers so my teacher helped me sorta. It's easy for me to control them.

Family: Family....? I've never had one so I'm not sure what it is

Bio: Kay was born in a cabin in middle of winter. Her parents wanted a boy so they made a basket for her and left her in the freezing cold. Her hair turned blue and her skin turned pale. A few years later she got older and met her teacher.

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Name: Yukine or Yuki

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: Waiting...

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 70lbs

Personality: Kind, Weird, Mysterious, Loving, Caring, Cold Hearted(Sometimes),Collective, and Calm

Likes: Sweets, Katana's, Spicy Foods, Noodles, Animals, and Nice Girls

Dislikes: Jerks, Pervy Woman, Mean people, Rude People, & Crude People

Powers: Fire Magic

Abilities: Can Make a fire phoenix that us like a nuclear weapon that could destroy the that's only for when he really needs it.

He has his katana which is fire magic bound and is unbreakable and when you piss him off it glows a bit and then flames come from it when you fight and the katana gets lighter making it easier to move.

He flirts sometimes so when he does he makes a flaming heart. . .

Equipment: Katana

Why Did You Become A Superhero/Villain: Family has been Super Heros since I was little...

Family: Dead

Bio: Unknown
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Quotes: Optional

Name:Vincent Leon




Species:Superhuman/Inkling hybrid


Likes:Vincent likes being only most of the time but will still hangout with friends and others.Sometimes he will peacefully meditate from time to time.Even though he doesn't eat as much,Vincent enjoys eating sweet treats and such.

Dislikes:Vincent has had his far share of enemies before the "experiment" but won't be a problem this time.Annoying pricks who bother him and toy with his emotions get on his nerves extremely.

Personality:He mainly keeps to himself and doesn't agree with others bothering him.If he is messed with he will fight until they give up.



Bio:Vincent was a teenager who ran from home because of his parents agreeing all the time.While he was on the streets this man in a suit gave him the opportunity to make money so he could live a good life.He wasn't very detailed which Vincent knew he was up to something.Being who he was Vincent refused which they did take lightly,sco they threatened to kill his parents.Days later Vincent was in a lab being experimented on to see if they can make mutants.
Poison Generation
Acid Generation
Water Generation
Bubble Generation
Ink Generation
Ash Generation
Smoke Generation
Stench Generation
Miasma Emission
Nerve-Gas Emission
Chlorine Gas Exudation
Oil Secretion
Pheromone Manipulation
Sonic Scream
EcholocationHyper Breath
Pyric Exhalation
Scald Generation

Powers and Abilities

Superpower Interaction

This section refers to the ability to manipulate or otherwise interact with superpowers themselves, not "power" such as electrical power or gravitational power

Power Augmentation
Self-Power Augmentation
Power Bestowal
Power Negation
Power Erasure
Power Morphing
Power Replication
Power Absorption
Power Detection
Power Randomization
Powers Via Object Affinity/Aversion

Personal Physical Powers

Powers which affect an individual's body.


Regenerative Healing Factor
Adoptive Muscle Memory
Body Part Substitution
Anatomical Liberation
Additional Limbs
Organic Constructs
Matter Ingestion
Mobile Invulnerability
Dynamic Camouflage


Vacuum Adaptation
Atmospheric Adaptation
Environmental Adaptation
Aerial Adaptation
Desert Adaptation
Arctic Adaptation
Mountainous Adaptation
Subterranean Adaptation
Urban Adaptation
Wetland Adaptation
Fallout Adaptation
Aquatic RespirationSelf-Sustenance
Reactive Adaptation
Poison Immunity
Thermal Resistance
Tracking Evasion

Enhanced Physical Skills

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Condition
Innate Combat
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping Skills
Enhanced Jaw Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Lung Capacity
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Awareness
Enhanced Smell
Enhanced Touch
Enhanced Taste
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Synesthesia
Enhanced Marksmanship
Enhanced Swordsmanship
Enhanced Craftsmanship
Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Thievery

Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Condition
Supernatural Combat
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Leap
Supernaturally Dense Tissue
Supernatural Dexterity
Supernatural Reflexes
Supernatural Flexibility
Supernatural Senses
Supernatural Hearing
Supernatural Smell
Supernatural Taste
Supernatural Touch
Supernatural Swordsmanship
Supernatural Thievery

Skills:Hacking,Hand to Hand combat,Craftsman,etc..

Weaknesses:Basically he can be hurt but he will use his healing factor when he has the chance.

Strengths:His powers are mostly Ink and poison based,which is good to use in almost any situation.

Theme songs: Optional


Question, does anyone google the weights for their height(Character wise)? a 5'11ft male is 136-178lbs? So, I sort of understand the penguins but I'm not sure about Yukine...
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