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If you Guys love girl meets world like i do.Then i need all of you including the show shippers.I know somthing really big that is going to happen and it is called the GAME CHANGER .Now you guys if want to know the game changer please use the hashtag # Daniela tell us the game changer and if i get enough hashtag i will tell you guys on friday ,if i don't get enough then i will say it on the next day.Please make sure that you guys start using the hashtag before friday

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Name: Kaelynne Peterson
Age: 14
Birthday: April 18
Personality: Funny, kind, sweet
Likes: Chocolate, Disney movies
Dislikes: Broccoli, scary movies
Family: Mom, Dad, Older Brother (~Open~), Younger Sister (~Open~)
Friends: _~Open~
Crush: ~Open~
Face Claim: Keira Knightley
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Name:Luna Heart
Personality: Sweet, like to make new friends and protect her friend
Likes:A lot of Candy and Sweet's
Dislikes:bad people
Family:only her mom and brother's
Friends: +rainbowdash 100​ and +CowCtaftMan Moon

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Name: Roxy
Age: 14
Birthday: May 23
Personality: feirce but nice
Likes: parties, reading
Dislikes: being bored, listening
Family: Mother, Father, and 7 year old sister named Callie (do i have to make an oc for callie in order to put her in rps?)
Friends: Riley, Maya... Some other people i forgot the names of lol
Crush: nobody
Pic below of her

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(Roxys little sister)
Name: Callie
Age: 7
Birthday:August 16th
Personality: nice, sweet
Likes: fashion, reading, putting her hair in pigtails
Dislikes: being bored.
Family: Mother, Father and Her 14 year old aisq Roxy
Friends: Auggie
Crush: nobody

Thanks for the invite!!! I love Disney Channel and girl meets world!!!! smiles like riley

Can i be a main character or something
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