Hello everyone,
I am currently in the process of finding two people to help me in voicing two of my OCs. A young (about a year) old male wolf/fox hybrid and a young (about a year) old female wolf/fox hybrid. They are the children of my two main and favorite Ocs. Bre and Basil. Whom will be in the animation as well.

I am also looking for sounds for said animation. If you wish to find out what sounds I am looking for please contact me.

The script is not finished but I am currently working on it and I will be posting it when it is finished for anyone who wishes to read it.

If you can help, or wish to addition for the animation, know a place please comment, message me, or email me at lunastarr18@gmail.com.

I'm writing this script for LHW episode 1 and i still need people to audition

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