Hey there! Is it too late for me to join group b?

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Name: Trina
Age: 17
Gender : F
Group: B (but really i'm from none of them as i'm from the kill order)
Job: ?
Preferred Weapons: GUNS
Likes: shopping, partying, beanies
Dislikes: people who try to seek attention
Personality: fun bubbly, talkative
appearance: (see below) tomboy but sassy
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I've been only for a while now. Also being extremely bored i have wondered off to here. I look around confused Where the shuck am I?

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hello, im new here so i wanted to post a profile of me so people can getto know me, but im not like you gladers, im from the kill order.
So my question is: where do i share my profile to (eg group A profile or gruop B or both?)

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Name: Winston
Age: 17 or 18
Gender: Male
Group: A
Job: Slicer
Preferred Weapons: Machete, but willing to use anything there
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: WICKED
Personality: Humorous, Decisive, Cares for others
Bio: Knows nothing and has no relation
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Name: Frypan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Group: A
Job: Keeper of the Cooks
Preferred weapons: Knives, frying pan
Likes: Cooking, creating recipes
Dislikes: People stealing my food
Bio: Nickname, Fry
Appearance (Pictures attached)
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could there be a glader that broke from the group and now practically lives in the maze
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