So to our Canadian members ? Who's safe ? being who was near that fire and are you ok ?

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Happy New Year, friends. My best wishes to all, and I sincerely hope you all had a fabulous start to the new year. <3

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#wigglewigglewiggle   Does that grab your attention span a little?

Everyone have a Great Christmas ? 

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Ahhh! Springtime!

Ok, seems I'm the 1st to post.  Hi, name is Steve "Obviously"; I've been part of Anime Muck twice and now a 3rd over a 20 yr. Period. I have been Amano Jyaku and Nes Carter and now Madarame Harunobu. I haven't connected much due to real life and work but I do want Anime Muck to have a further reach out on The Social Media net because it deserves to have people connect to it and experience the muck haven and get a small taste of coding since that is required to create your own little niche on the text based adventure scene.

So, my question is who are you there, when did you connect to Anime Muck and what keeps bringing you back?
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