Where did the backend startup script disappear to in 15.10?

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This is a great box to stream DLNA and act as backend for Mythbuntu.

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Myth backend has been unstable for a bout 2 weeks (crashing nightly)

MySQLTuner.pl reports:

Variables to adjust:
  * MySQL's maximum memory usage is dangerously high *
  * Add RAM before increasing MySQL buffer variables *
    table_open_cache (> 128)

For the last few days Htop has reported 700mb -200mb free (mysql using most of  the RAM)

the system has 8 GB of RAM.

says set key_buffer to limit RAM

The my.cnf files has
key_buffer        = 16M
MYSQL workbench  reports the system Variable:
Key_Buffer_size 16777216

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Added two new drives (1 TB each) to move recording storage off the OS drive. The back-end status only shows half the space. I have checked that permissions are the same. (See attached)

list setting X on parent folder-
This changed the Directories to list both.

This seams to say the same thing:

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I have a mythbuntu backend that is accessed by a win7 HTPC running Kodi 14.2.

I am about to build (re: install os) another HTPC for TV number 2.

I have very little Linux skills.

Would you recommend 
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Install mythbuntu (os) then add Kodi
Install kodi ubuntu then add myth
Install plain ubuntu then add both

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Everything is running great lately! However one of my friends is ahving this problem and I noticed that I get the same error. Anyone else have this when trying to stream from mythweb? "Not Found - The requested URL /mythweb.php/http://mythweb.pl/pl/stream/ was not found on this server." I know it used to work and is probably a bug in Apache2. I have tried the suggestions on here without any luck: https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythWeb

Site seams to be down :(

I'm taking the plunge (under protest :) to Digital Cable. BellAliant has provided me with a Motorola Viper 2262 set top box. I've purchased a serial IR Blaster. I've manually captured the ir codes using irrecord but I can't seem to get my mythtv box to change the channels on the stb. Anyone have a similar stb and success getting mythtv .27 integrated with it?

I'm having trouble recording a couple of shows. I pick "record only this showing" and then record and then it updates and goes back to "do not record this program". I have deleted all previous episodes of this and the other title that won't record and the "schedule" and still it persists. Any thoughts? They are both re-runs by the way but I've never seen them. Another thought... it will record on the non-hd channel, but on the hd channel it will never record, no matter which setting you set for it. It is in hd, but the channel listing doesn't show "hd". If I select "record at any time on any channel" it will automatically record on the non-hd channel and never on the hd channel. If I select "this channel" it will also not record. This is really frustrating! The only way I can watch these shows in hd, is live tv! 


does anybody know a way to update the hash of a movie file in the DB from the command line?

My use case: I want to remove some additional audio tracks from a couple of MKVs and don't want to redo the whole metadata in MythTV manually, but update the hash in the DB for the corresponding filename myself.
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