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I've made this group so that them chatty people can find other chatty people. All you need to do is to make a post saying something along the lines of "hit me up", and then bam. You'll get some invitations to go through. Have fun guys!

Hmu on hangouts im 15 looking for some friends bored as fuck

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Hello! I'm new. (If you have seen this name before it's because I had to delete my previous account) anyway I'm looking for some new friends to chat wit. Anyone want to "hit me up"?

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Join my hands as a friend.

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Hi! Umm... I'm just looking for a person around my age... Oh, btw, I'm turning 13 rlly soon. Just comment me and I'll contact you!

Hello I am here to make new friends. Age , colour , cast , etc doesn't matters...hit me up on hangouts~ have a good day 😊

Am new here looking for friends male or female, young or old, professional or nonprofessionals, white or black etc
Chart me up on hangout

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What is killing videos out of me?
Its a worst videos!
Reasons they suck

They was made by Chris.

They have alot of dislikes than likes.

They have 'I Kill Windows Vista' word.

Chris did a blood on me where i dies in this videos.

On First killing videos out of me, There was 3 graves (LD, Me and Herbie)

Chris draw my look very bad.

End of reasons.
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