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Rules: keep posts seasonal in your school

No cyber-bullying etc.

OCs, you can have a maximum of 3 OCs per account, OC means /original character/ don't steal someone else's and no cannon characters, no relation either cannon relations (Long time members can have some more leeway and flexibility) and to create a professor you must have been RP'ing as a student for at least two weeks.

Godmodding, you shouldn’t god mod if you do one of the world’s best duellers will challenge you

rules for deuling ((Auto hitting, dodging more than two times in a row. Casting more than two spells or changing position more than twice in a comment it's an instant loss))

If you offend these rules three times, you are banned but you will get two warnings.


( Open RP to friends of Zane who are also death eaters. )

Zane had yet again found himself in the hospital wing, but this time he didn't know why, he was told he must have hit his head but he quietly refused to believe it.

It was midnight and Orchid sat in the dark great hall doing her homework, she had been sitting there all night even though she was tired she still tried to work hard, then a wind came out from no where and her homework had blew off the table and had scattered all over the floor

Oh no! she shrieked but she hoped nobody heard her

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(Would anyone like to RP?)

It was practically midnight when you heard the sound of thunderous knocking at your dorm door. Everyone else was asleep except for you, who was sitting in one of the recliners, reading a book. You opened the door to see a half-drenched slytherin....
+The Enchanter

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"Qudditch, Gobstones, Rugby, Football. You name it and I'm up for the challenge mate!"

Name: Sam Xing

Age: 17

Year: 6th

School: Hogwarts

House: Gryffindor

Wand: The wand is made of redwood and has a core of a phoenix feather. It is 12 and 1/2 inches long and is unyielding. It is very darkly colored and is intricately carved.

Blood status: Half-Blood

Face Claim: Ross Butler

Personality: Sam tends to assume the role of an adrenaline junkie at the school, keeping up with all the latest sporting tends between the muggle and wizarding world since he doesn't like to limit himself in any challenge. Although because he has a competitive drive, he tends to be overconfident and make mistakes which could hinder his progress in a particular situation.

Biography: His family originally being from Beijing, China. Sam grew up in the Manchester after her mother accepted a business offer after retiring from her wizarding life to settle down and have a normal life with her husband and son. Sam on the other hand had other plans as his grandparents would enable him to forget that there was a great world out there, as much as he preferred the muggle world, he felt like that it would be more fun conjuring spells rather than having to study for boring subjects at school.

He happily accepted the invitation to Hogwarts when it came in the mail and moved to the school, eager to learn and have some fun while doing so. He was placed in Gryffindor - much like his mother.
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"I know things can look a little bleak at times, but you've just got to keep going and see it through. That's how you grow."

Name: Tammy Hopkins

Age: 17

Year: 6th

School: Hogwarts

House: Hufflepuff

Wand: The wand is made of elderberry wood and has a core of unicorn hair. It is 11 and 1/4 inches long and is inflexible. It is lightly colored and is roughly carved.

Blood status: Muggleborn

Face Claim: B.K Cannon

Personality: Bearing the similar trait that all Hufflepuffs have, Tammy is a loyal and trustworthy friend who seems to be good at finding lost items all the time by accident. She's a clumsy individual who often passes in classes just by her luck but tries her best to remain optimistic when things don't go to plan. She's often considered the "mum friend" because of her overprotective nature and the fact that she is often easily impressed by the most simplest accomplishments.

Biography: Tammy was unfortunate enough to never actually know who her biological parents were, however she was adopted quite early in her life by two men who worked as florists - they had no idea that Tammy was capable of magic. When an invitation from Hogwarts came, it surprised them, they had no clue what a wizard was or anything about the school. Despite this, they allowed the overall decision come down to Tammy, who did not want to waste the surprising gift she had inherited.

Being new the the wizarding world, she was relieved to hear that she had been sorted into Hufflepuff after hearing about the stigma that being a mudblood carried. Even through her awkward phases at school and having to deal with the muggle burdens at times, she has grown a passion for herbology.
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(Open RP)

Zane was walking around empty parts of the school, he had a feeling someone was following him, he kept thinking to himself about when the next death eater meeting might be, he was hoping the next time would not be a preparation for battle, that would defeat his whole purpose.

Walks around on the edge of the forbidden forest, I always did this I wanted to get a glimpse of any creature I could. I finally decided to take a step in you see me and...
(Open rp)

Orchid was sitting in the library her books for charms was spread out across the table, she had missed half an hour of her lesson due to lateness, she had the book floating in mid air in front of her
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