why does this exist again lmao

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What do you all think of my Sonic World Seaside Hill HD mod? I improved Shaders and Textures to make them more realistic. 
Download link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/ruhztzf0ddomfj2/Seaside+Hill+HD+%28Alpha%29.zip
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+silvershadow the mighty pingas ogrelord Hey, a dead community. Besides the most recent post

Who is most annoying about the sonic fandome?

What is you favourite Food ?

Have you seen that pingas video

What is your favorite song?

Can you draw?

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Would you eat my cooking? I usually make linguini with roasted garlic tomato sauce, with mushrooms, and all sorts of other seasonings. The pasta itself contains a lemon flavor to it, adding a bit of a sour but good taste to it. I also make pretty decent Mexican Food, like burritos and taco's and such. Oh, and I'm still Dan BTW. I just changed my account name.
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