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Would love feedback on this tool we made for Jira Cloud, so teams can play Planning Poker inside their backlog and push their estimates to each Jira issue
Scrum Poker Estimates for Jira
Scrum Poker Estimates for Jira

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Virtual Team Talk online conference - Wed 14 June - 4am to 12:30pm Pacific

Want to drop by (virtually of course) and network with Europeans about distributed teams (in general, not just agile, though Agile is included)

Visit these 3 links to learn more!

Sorry for the time, but the good news is we get to network with some great people across the puddle.

See you online! B

Here is some more overview notes from their site:

The Members of Virtual Team Talk are delighted to invite you to our annual Internal Affair.

We are a group of people who know that working in virtual teams can be just as joyous as working in the collocated space. We know it doesn’t work for everyone, but we know that it works for us – and we understand the deliberate practice it takes to be able to operate as a remote / virtual / dispersed or even hybrid team.


On Wednesday 14th June, we will be gathering online from 10:00 CEST for twelve hours (ending at 16:00 EST).

We have been creating a programme of talks and discussions around aspects of working in virtual teams. We’ll continue to massage the schedule as we go along, right onto the day, so that the schedule can adapt to those wanting to attend.

10:00 CEST Virtual Coffee
10:45 CEST How To Convince Your Boss to Go Remote (Lightning talk and discussion)
12:00 CEST Open Space-style discussions

13:00 CEST Break

14:15 CEST / 07:00 EST Regrouping
14:30 CEST / 08:30 EST How Can We Best Advocate for an Office-Optional Workplace? (Facilitated discussion)
15:30 CEST/ 09:30 EST Conflict in Virtual Teams (Facilitated discussion)
16:30 CEST / 10:30 EST Open Space-style discussions
17:30 CEST / 11:30 EST Facilitating Remote Team Discussions (Workshop)

18:30 CEST / 12:30 EST Break

19:00 CEST / 13:00 EST Games Product Owners Play (Talk)
19:30 CEST / 13:30 EST “Squish Me”. Moving through dimensions in space and time (Talk)
20:00 CEST / 14:00 EST Open Space-style discussions
20:30 CEST/ 14:30 EST Success with Agile Ceremonies in Distributed Teams (Collabinar)

21:30 CEST / 15:30 EST Virtual Coffee and Close

All the sessions are led by one or two Virtual Team Talk members.

Whether you can pop in for a couple of hours or whether you would like to spend a day online, we’d love to see you there.

Got Games? A lot of us like LEGO(R), Kanban games, the paper airplane game, the pennies game, and related both for agile training or even doing agile ceremonies. Tonight (May 11) at 5:30pm Pacific I'll talk (in Sococo) about some of my favorites (Innovation Games(R)), but what activities do you do online? if you can make it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about online agile games in this thread.

HI all!! Tonight - Thursday, April 13 - we discuss Agile Coaching. Join us in Sococo at 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern.

See for details


Join us on March 9 at 5:30 PM Pacific as Joel Foner shares with with us on how to tune sound for optimal online meetings.

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Run engaging retrospectives with your team!

This add-on makes it easy to input ideas simultaneously to recap the sprint. No more taking turns to share ideas. All team members inside the Confluence space can participate.

Check it out!
Agile Retrospectives for Confluence
Agile Retrospectives for Confluence

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Call for Speakers - Product Leaders

Up to the challenge to influence the hearts and minds of European products practitioners? Be a speaker at Product Leaders!

We are looking for proven methods and case studies on: product management,
product strategy and experiments, tools and techniques. From practitioners to practitioners, share your success stories, failures and lessons learned.

Product Leaders takes place in Bucharest, 8-9 June 2017. Submit your sessions by January, 30th.

Looking forward to receiving your sessions!

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Need tools for distributed retrospectives? Tonight Dec 8 at 5:30 pm pacific time we have a live session on Collaboration Frameworks (/ Innovation Games). Here is a link to the video sessions of our free class- Here is a link to more info about the live practice session - held in Sococo as usual - . Join us and earn 10XP towards your belt certification. (class is free). I also like the Retrium tool. What tools do you use for distributed retropspectives?
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