Make an entire army with your swan kinights and have them back up by ithilien rangers

Hello Everyone i am DrVoodoo30 or DrVoodoo but anyways i am trying to be a youtuber just like SurrealBeliefs but not right now because i dont have a any equipment but soon i will

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I'd have to say this is one of my favorite episodes. [8] Fall of the Samurai (Hard) Sendai Campaign - Fukushima's Bloody Debut

surreal are you ever gonna be posting a M2TL that is not modded?

Oh Surreal you know you can create events such as Surreal weekend if you want I could do it for you (Not that you would have any problems with it yourself) Just to actually get it up there?

Surreal share this on your Youtube channel and people will flock to this page and then it will be much more useful at the moment its just 3 guys

Hello great to be here with a front row seat to watch your great videos I know I will enjoy :)

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Pure Dark Elf Awesomeness I know you're fighting Naggoroth Surreal but I found it to awesome to not post.

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