ok guys if you are drawing for the contest you have about 8 days so hurry comment who/witch undertale character you are drawing an oc of (remember I'm drawing an oc of sans) so I know who it's an oc of hope to see your pictures soon ok "puppet out " (puppet is my nickname from my frineds )

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ok to thouse who agreed to my rules you have joined the contenst so good luck you have until December 1st so I have mine ready to go but I need my kindle to upload it but I'm ready to post it I just need to get the image online so get drawing or you might not get to see the winners ! good luck "and may the force be with you" (guess the quote this should be easy for you star wars fans (it's who says the quote))
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death vader
luke skywalker
darth mal

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we are going to have a vote on witch character we should do fan art for (I call sans ) at least post it after takeing a pic and downloading or explane what it looks like ect this will start at noon 11-18-16 and go through till
12-1-16 so you guys have a while we will all be nice and I got some rules for comments for this event

-no hate (it's art we let it be as it is unles they ask us our oppion)
-no copying (that's my biggest pet pev)
-no droping out once you join in on this event
-plz no drama (another pet pev of mine)
-it CAN be an animatronic or any thing they want it to be (plz no unicors (XD i know you guys won't but I still have to put it out there ) or dragons or mythical beast of any kind)
-no ship art I see that and you are out of the event

(do you agree or disagree)
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i agree
i disagree

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wtf would this be on the internet ?!
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