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Hammerhead ✌😀
Zooper my me
Coalfield Layers Theme for status and nav bar icons by +Andre Zimmermann​

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latest update...CARDS theme

whats new?
-light and dark theme in one...
light theme for day time and dark theme for night depends on sunset/sunrise
-first page replaced
-3 different colors(added globals)
-fonts(use globals to change the main fonts)
-transition animation
- map in 2 diffirent view(angle)

credits to:
david pitoko - cardsL map,event,weather and calendar
carla jacob - formula(weather komponents)
aminov - idea of formula :)
solovephtaha - theme

i need permission to david pitoko to share the files by using some parts of his theme...
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Live Soon in the Play store!
Love these icons by +Hussain Kader​ of HUZZ107.
CD Style Dark Red V2 aka CD Style MDR graces my screen along with a stunning Zooper widget - VLox by +Nick Drea​
You can't go wrong with this beautiful design. It comes in two styles & both will put a smile on your face and make you 38% ho{tter then you were before. Sizzling ch ching... 👌 😎 run, don't walk to your nearest PlayStore today or maybe tomorrow to get your very own CD Style sizzling hot icon pack.
You'll need a home replacement launcher like Nova, ADW, next etc or a custom rom to use this icon pack.

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Home Today! Mui Icon pack - Analog Clock and Wallpaper!

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MUI (Material - UI)
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- NOW Available on GOOGLE PLAY!
> 1000+ Autochange Icons in XXXHDPI (192X192)
 – ready for 4K Displays
> SIX+ 5K HQ Wallpapers (5120X2880) – iMac 2014 uses the Same
> Each week at least 10 New Icons and 5K Wallpapers
> Compatible 3D Bubble Design
> Same easy way to Recognize your installed APPS
> You Vote Which Icons are Updating
> Easy Feedback

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Icon Pack Velur (some custom made)
Zooper widget

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Tenuix icon pack.
Available in -1 days!

Tenuix - Icon pack

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Tenuix available on August!
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