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We have moved the community.

Because anonymity is important to having a safe place - think AA -  we have moved the EmployThis Sanctuary to

We have tried to move the posts over and hope you forgive us for this hiccup, we encourage you to join us on our new platform.

Thank you all and thank you for supporting the sanctuary.

I am curious, as it is my job, to ask what your preference is for tracking your jobs. so let me ask it this way. Here is the first question:

Do you have a system to track which jobs you applied for?

Here is the framework for the question: Suppose you found a job listed on a web page.  Share what you will do to apply, track and followup.  Also is it different if the job is at a company direct, a job listing site, craigslist, or an employment agency.

Hi everyone!

I can't describe how frustrated I was while looking for work. The credit cards building, the emails and resumes I sent out. I was convinced that I needed to have some magic key words in my resume that the computers filtered on and it had nothing to do with my ability to perform.

When EmployThis called back - well there are no words. Did I want to help people with the same struggles I had finding a job? What would you have said?

Here I am. Please ask your questions or  vent, no profanity.

I want to know what others think about cover letters? Good or a waste of time. 
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