Here is a fun game to play anytime, anywhere. It's called Rigamorale.

First, someone starts a story, anything you like, and tells as long as they wish, only taking care to stop at some exciting point. The next person continues, and they keep going until the story is finished, and everyone has had a turn.
Well, that's all for today, hope this helps when you need a game to play with freinds but don't know what to play!

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The goldfish swam around the water, splashing as he went. A fair horse was walking along the path near the water, with no sign of her owner.
“Where is your owner?” the fish asked.
“I don’t know.” the horse replied. “I was with my owner, who was eating, and then suddenly this strange machine appeared out of the water, and it made such a loud noise that I got frightened, and I ran away. ”
The fish laughed. “That was a submarine. I used to be scared of them, too, but all they do is explore rivers and stuff for new ocean creatures.”
“Really? But how did it appear out from nowhere?” She asked.
“It didn’t, it was under the water the whole time, exploring.”
The horse began to pace. “What am I going to do? I don’t know the way back to my owner.”
The fish thought for a moment. “I know!”
“What?!” She began to become excited.
“I can look around the park. When I find you're owner, I’ll come back and lead you to her.”
“You’d do that?” She said, happily.
“Sure. What are friends for?”
The horse smiled. “Thank you.”
The fish zoomed away.
The horse looked around, hoping to maybe find her owner on her own. She had no luck though. “Now, you stay here while I go get some food, okay, birdie and tweetie?” a mother bird asked her children.
“Yes mommy.” They said. The mother bird flew away.
The goldfish swam around the park river, hoping to spot someone who has lost a horse.
“Excuse me!” someone said. “Have you seen my horse?” she asked someone nearby.
“What does it look like?” the person asked.
“She’s a fair black horse, with a puffy mane and big blue eyes.”
“Nope, haven’t seen one.”
The fish speedily swam back to the horse. “I found her!” he said.
The horse followed the fish to her owner,a and when the owner and the horse saw each other, they embraced.

Here is my story, in honor (Or should I say, Horror?) of Halloween:

"Happy Halloween, Cara!" My little brother, Luke screamed.
"Arrg." I said. "Do you have to wake me up early every Halloween? I want to sleep in!"
"Why? It's Halloween!!!" Luke said.
"Because, we always stay up so late on Halloween so I need my sleep. You apparently don't." Cara said, yawning.
" Fine, be miss Grumpyhead if you must, but I'm going to get my costume on!"
I yawned and fell back to sleep.

Later I came into the kitchen to see what mom was making for breakfast.
"Yum! I love it when you make those pudding brains for breakfast!" I said.
"Yep, I know you do. But you gotta hurry up and get your costume on." mom said.
"Why?" I asked, gobbling up my pudding.
" Because, we are going to you're school Halloween party, so hurry!"
I finished up my brain pudding and went to my room. Luke was there, blocking my way, now wearing his zombie costume.
"Don't come in!" he said.
"Why not?" I began to become worried. What if Luke poured his pudding all over my floor again? "Did you pour pudding all over my floor again?"
Luke was quiet. He put his head down and moved out of the way. I opened the door. My room was the same as when I left it.
"Ha! Fooled ya!" Luke said, skipping away.
I gave a sigh of relief. Last year we had to miss the party because of Luke. I went inside and opened my closet door. pulled out my Mother Nature costume and put it on. Then I went I the bathroom and fixed my hair, putting on the flower. Then I put green and brown eyeshadow on. I also added blush and red lipgloss.
I went into the garage. Mom was dressed as a witch, and dad was a wizard.
"Come on!" dad said. "We don't want to be late!"
I hopped into the car and shut the door.

I scanned the croud for my friends, Ava, Sarah and Martha. I spotted Martha and Ava dancing to the song and Sarah was by the snacks.
"Hey, Sarah!" I yelled over the music, waving to her.
She looked around and spotted me, then skipped over.
"Hi." she said. "Do you like my costume? I'm an angel."
"Wow. You make a great angel." I said.
Sarah blushed. "Thanks." she whispered.
Ava and Martha skipped over. "Hey Cara."
"Hi." I said. I looked at their costumes. Ava was dressed as a vampire, and Martha was a fairy.
"The contest is about to start, so you better enter,, like, right now." Ava said.
"Okay, thanks. Where is the signup sheet?"
"Over there!" Martha said. She always was excited, it seemed to Cara.
I walked to the signup sheet, and wrote down my name and costume and then went back to my friends.
"Did you sign up, Sarah?"
Sarah nodded. "I hope they like my costume. There's nothing specal about it, though."
" Hey, does anyone want to go trick-or-treating with me after the party?!" Martha asked.
"Yes!" Ava said.
"I'll ask my mom." Sarah whispered.
" Sure! Just let me ask my mom." I said.
I walked over to mom.
"Do you want to search for hidden treasure in that big bin over there?" mom asked. "Everyones doing it. Or maybe you'd like to pin the spider on the web?"
"Sure, but is it OK if I go trick-or-treating with Martha?"
"It's alright with me. Just make sure your back by 10:30."
"Okay, thanks mom!" I went over to my friends.
"What did she say?" Ava asked.
"She said yes, so long as I'm back at my house by 10:30."
"That's great!" Martha said.
Sarah walked over. "Mom said no at first. But I talked her into it."
I smiled "Good job."
"The prizes are about to be anounced!" Martha said.
"The prize for the cutest costume goes to..." the man on the stage said into the microphone. "Sarah Lea Thomson!"
Sarah's eye's widened "Me?! I won?!"
"Go up and get your prize!" I said.
Sarah walked up onto the stage. The man handed her her giant teddy bear prize and a certificate.
Sarah went down the stairs."I can't beleive I won the prize for cutest costume!"
"AND you got the giant teddy bear! I'm so jealus!" Martha said.
"Winner of scariest costume is...." the man began again. "Alva Kacy Robinson!"
"That's me!" Ava said. She went up and got her trophy.
The judge announced a few more winners and while Ava, Martha, Sarah, and I went to play games. Ava and Sarah went into the haunted mansion, while Martha and I searched for treasure in the bin.
"Ooo, look, I got a spider ring." I said.
"I got a present." Ava said. She opened it. "Yum, carmel apple."
"Why would they put a carmel apple in there?" I wondered.
"No idea."

After the party I went trick-or-treating with my friends. Martha's nieghberhood is amazing! One, the poeple gave away great candy, and two, the decorations are amazing! One house, someone dressed as a statue and stood very still, pretending to be a decoration, and after we got the candy, the person dressed as a statue went crazy!
"Wow, your nieghborhood is a great place to go trick-or-treating!" I said.
"I know!" Martha said.
"I haven't had this much fun on halloween since forever!" Ava said.
"Yes, it is amazing." shy Sarah whispered.
"This was the best Halloween ever!" I said.
"Agreed!" Sarah, Martha and Ava said altogether.

Happy Halloween!

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Hello my fellow members. Today I'm going to tell you why I called my community, "Storybook funtime". In Storybook Funtime, we share stories with others, and PLEASE do not forget to say whether you wrote the story, or someone you know, or just someone else. I hope you enjoy reading these short stories made by others! (P.S., the link is just an image. No need to click on it)
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