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We should all...

Hi, Just found this place. I joined the theatre community at Lauderdale by the sea and I am looking around for ideas for 3 characters I am playing...
3 different short plays. A very active community...
One is a retired spy German accent
One is a Tough old Broad in a retirement home
One is an assistant to a big agent, find out she's the mother

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TWO POACHERS DOWN! I hope they get every single one of these criminals! There aren't very many elephants left ... this has got to stop!! 

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This so pisses me off!!! These animals live in families like humans. They are intelligent. And, they remember. Arghhhhhhhhh!!! This so pisses me off! It makes my heart hurt.

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And, then are these kinds of amazing stories out there! Why can't we all be like this? Does anyone know?
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