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If anyone needs me I'll be in the kitchen ;)

Jurassic Park (9/10) Movie CLIP - Raptors in the Kitchen (1993) HD

It's been quiet, too quiet, the kind of quiet right before a Raptor attacks... (futily hides)

So where are we with a hangout? I think this would be lots of fun. So many wonderful raptors here and on Reddit.

So, will there be a Hang-out any time soon?

Ahoy thar!

How's it going AL? I love yo faces!

Ello ladies (: this is ohletsrunaway. How's everybody doing? 

WoooHOOO! Another wunnerful pace to hang out! Reddit handle EllKayBee here, sending love and best wishes to ALL! :D

I don't actually want to stay in charge here, so if one of the mods steps forward I will gladly switch off.

Hello everyone. I'm a crazy geek girl who loves the ActualLesbians group. tears up You all are so wonderful! I'm recently out and happy to have found you wonderful accepting people. <3

I'm not going to state my Reddit name since I'd rather not link these two identities publicly. If you ask privately I'll let you know though.

So what do we do now?

Also notice Introductions(Intros), Discussion, or Events for choices.  Because I only just saw that >.<;
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