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Rules For The Community

The post every rebel despises.

Okay, I am unnaturally cautious about my stuff getting stolen and people actually believing that the thief made it.

So, here are rules that I have and came up with at the last second.

1. Don't be rude to other members and moderators. Cursing is fine as long as it doesn't get out of hand, just don't hate each other, m'kay? If you're rude to me, or a moderator, you will get a warning but if you continue, you'll be banned from the community and my species for a while.

2. Don't make illegal characters. If the species is closed, your name is not on the "I have rights list", and you've made a character of said closed species, that character is illegal.
You will get one warning before you are banned from my closed _and__ open species permanently._

3. Do not claim my species, bases, characters (not adoptables) as your own. You will receive an automatic ban from this community and my species/commissions/etc permanently. Harsh, isn't it?

4. For the love of god, don't use spam! The "Repost or you will die", "Share if you care", "Reshare to 3 Communities and your dumb wish will come true" are spam posts. And they will be removed immediately.
You get two warnings before you are banned for 2 weeks, 14 days. If you do it again, you are banned permanently.

And if you're one of those "I'm gonna break the rules just because I'm funny" kind of people, yeah your posts and/or comments will be removed immediately.

+Talon Shaffer​​
+His Dumb Reply​​ (Back-up Account)

+Fritty Vargas​​

Ban list:

You are free to apply for moderator-ship but I am picky. You have to show how responsible and dedicated you are to moderating here.

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Skull Blazers
This Closed Species has been handed over to me by +KingCoffeeDork​​
Every skull blazer has a spiritual form that lurks over them.

Here's all the references and a character example of mine I could find.

They are made of dead ponies, as well as other animals - even humans.
They are formed by spiritual energy, mostly evil and aggressive.

They have skulls as heads, and extremely furry.
Bits of bone can be visible just about anywhere, though it is extremely rare to have a just skeleton.

MYO's will be roughly 80-100 points / $1.00 ea.
Rights will be 150 / $2.00 ea.
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Fluffy Things
Semi Open Species

You have to pay 50 points for the Rare variants.

Fluffy Things are very fluffy ponies of a sort.
They have shorter fur around the face and legs, but it is possible for the long tails to have short fur and a fluffed tip.

They come in all sorts of colours and patterns. But it is rare to have spiral or shape patterns and markings. Everything else is fairly common.

They live in cold climates, but they can live anywhere that isn't too hot.

They can have manes.

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Yo yo I need your help getting this active
All the people who co-own this species currently will become a curator

Please join uvu

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Acolyte/Normal Onthoofde Duivel Base!
Free to use - great for reference sheets.
Closed Species!

Credit me when you use. 

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New Component of my Onthoofde Duivel species!!


Just like normal Onthoofde Duivels, they are decapitated. But their body structure are longer and more attack/battle worthy.
Acolytes are programmed by the Kings to protect them. They can come heavily armored, or can shoot poisonous darts from their backs (kind of like porcupines) if they have that trait.

This is also a base

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I added this little bit to the information on Onthoofde Duivels.

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The first ever Onthoofde Duivel Hybrid.
It'll be a bidding thingy.

Sb: 50
Mi: 10
Ab: 500, room for bidding.


Could you add me to the rights list xD
I didnt know this community existed until now!
I bought rights a while back and i can provide proof :3

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+Talon Shaffer
yo, i was wondering if youd like to make a subspecies with one of your species and my species here:

i need to redo the ref sheet for it but when im done would you like to?
Rosaline Wax Ponies (CLOSED SPECIES)
Rosaline Wax Ponies (CLOSED SPECIES)
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