Well, a lot of things, but let's concentrate on what we should be doing to Uplift The Will of Our Creator. There's a book called DUTIES OF THE HEART, that I want everyone to look at, before reading. It will surprise you, I promise. Oh yeah, don't forget The Bedtime Shema.

Now has any one been where people can't seem to realize that, control is something that is granted to them by The Creator ! However, when they don't realize this and initiate actions that are strictly for their own purposes, and not of The Creator's, it NEVER ends to their liking. Due to the fact their pride has taken over and blinded them, for their real purpose set forth by OUR Creator.

Blessings and Shalom! Sukkot is at hand! HalleluYAH!!!

The whole idea of Our Creators Message is for us to serve Him, not our personal desires. This is often difficult, when we don't keep His Word, as our Blueprint. Including myself in all that I say to others, I speak through experience, rather than instruction. So I believe our goal should be to assist those of different views, rather than argue, on formalities. May The Creator Bless. Please pass this on to all those you know, that are not familiar with your religion or culture.

Now for those whom know The Shema, do you also know The Bedtime Shema, if so please say it before you go to bed. This must be the last thing you read before you eyes close. It is stated that one must recite it continuously, until you are sleep. it is quite lengthy, but it can be done. I should but I do not, due to lack of discipline. Where to find it ? If you don't know, don't you think it's worth googling. May The Creator Bless.

I would like to wish nothing but good things to all those keeping Our Creator's Shabbats & Holy days, May The Creator Bless. Lion of Judah

May The Creator Bless those less fortunate than ourselves, we need to pray as mature believers in The Creator, so as to bring His Blessings about.

May I first say that intend no I'll will towards the next man. When people start using other people to insult, discredit, or demean another person, this is unacceptable to the community. When such things happen, all a person needs to do is ask or investigate what is being said. This should be taught to everyone, whom has a sense of morals. throughout history reputations and careers have been destroyed, by the words of another ( half truths are as good as lies themselves ), for their own benefit. Those whom put themselves, in the judgement seat of The Creator, forget that they also will be judged. Now if again you come across rumors, about some one or something, please use discretion, in determining what to say to the next person, without an investigation of your own. You also have to consider these factions; Consider the source, how does it benefit them, does it harm me or my family, what do I benefit from continuing this information, if this information is false will it's effects be irreverseable, and last but not least, would I want this to happen to me, May The Creator Bless.

Right now is Shabbat. This is an interesting concept: when involved in trying to receive knowledge of Our Creator's Word, through any type of media source, pray before. This is through experience, because the adversary will always try to discourage you, no matter who you do. This is how you know how a Blessing is coming form The Creator Above, May The Creator Bless.

Let's wish everyone a wonderful and blessed, Shabbat, May The Creator Bless. If anyone has any personal questions they would like to ask me, please feel free to ask me personally, I'm the guy whom you've heard about.
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