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You do not need to get aproved, just go aead and rp. And you may not be bigger or stronger then the guy in the picture below. Maximum size is 30m and anyone who is strong enough to kill the collosal titan is too op. 
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Name: Matthew
Age: 18
Weapons: Keyblade (Kingdom hearts fan, what can I say?)
Powers: Using magic with keyblade
Species: human
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Can I make my profile a size goddess?

Wow the first community that has gone completely silent that i'm apart of

Hi everybody! Its me. :) If you're looking for vore friends, then come talk to me! Im looking for vore friends too , lol. Feel free to message me on hangouts. I'll do any type of vore

Any body want to RP?

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Name: Snow Shadows
Age: 16
Gender: Male 
Weapons: None. Just my fists, and my wits. 
Powers: None. 
Species: Human. 
Bio: Having delt with giants before, i have experience in fighting them.  
I may not have weapons, but i believe it's brains versus brawn. I can easily think a way out of most situations, and sometimes manage to outsmart giants and giantesses.  And if i run from you, don't mistake it for cowardliness. I may be brave, but i'm not stupid either. Pick your fights wisely. 

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Name: Myers
Age: 12
Weapons: Bow
Powers: Turning into ink. 
Species: Ink/Nightmare

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((Open rp to humans and giants, but try to be a little descriptive.))
Xero was relaxing by the shore of the beach, each of his weapons slung on his back. He took his battle axe out and began to run his finger along the handle when he heard a noise in the forest behind him. He stood up, held his axe in both hands, and turned around Who's there? His deep, sensual voice rang through the air
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(Open, I'm a human boy, you can do anything to me except digest me, females are preferred)

I'm running through a jungle, being chased by a pack of wolves. I shoot two of the six wolves. You see me. I trip and fall, one of the wolves lunge at me and you…
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