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How Thomas Jefferson Responded to Islam in 1801 Puts Barack H. Obama to Shame | Kelli D Gordon III% Texas USA on

last week fascistbook deleted my 8 YEAR profile for "impersonating someone else" despite the fact theyve had my ID twice. My crime? daring to speak about the Barcelona Declaration which is an EU agreement to flood europe with Islamic migrants. Undeterred I opened a new account which was deleted 2 days later for "suspicious activity" followed immediately by 3 more accounts all within the space of 5 minutes. I hadnt even posted on them and I was using a vpn service. This goes beyond censorhip now, this is total naziism! The worst part is ive lost hundreds of photos and videos that i can never replace and you cant even contact facebook to ask why. Theyre a law unto themselves, theyre in breach of the UN article 19 of the bill of human rights and can pretty much do what the hell they want! aresholes!

I also posted many sermons and and christian teachings. I posted things concerning sexual immorality and many topics harming young adults today. And facebook also disabled my account sadly. They are persecuting christians daily and yet those that post sexually explicit and gay rights posts are free to stay? It is a satanic agenda to used to corrupt youth

Discriminatory censorship.
I got blocked this weekend because earlier in the week i responded to a post declaring "Obama as best President ever", well, I couldn't let that pass without a statement of truth in response. The little, un-educated,uninformed little snowflake couldn't handle truth and I was abruptly delcared a racist and reported to FB. I was blocked with no contact from FB to refute my position.
I see this as a flagrant disregard for MY 1st Amendment Rights ! Just because her safe room wasn't handy ,I get blocked ?? Outrage doesn't cover it. I have seen articles about a class action suit in England against FB. Is there anything as such going on in the US yet ??

banned 30 days for quoting this....

I've been a member of Facebook for 10 years. I have never been banned by Facebook until today. It was a pretty harmless comment. "It won't go well for Muslims who want to make alcohol illegal in Germany....Germans like their beer :) " I want to do everything I can to bring down Facebook for their left wing activism. Let me know how I can help any ongoing efforts. I'll gladly invest my time to put a stop to these hacks.

Twice now I have been suspended by Facebook for comments that violate their community standards. These community standards are vague and interpreted by left wing activist censors on Facebook arbitrarily. I believe their strategy is to describe a true and outrageous act by liberals as a means of baiting conservative Americans to respond....then....censor them and prevent their participation in the public forum. Following a racist rant by Michelle Obama, I commented that she is an angry tar baby (a cartoon character from a Walt Disney movie). I was threatened and banned for a month by Facebook. WHO exactly determines what is allowed and not allowed? You are better than Sherlock Holmes if you find that answer. I want to move against them legally. Any help?

Hello. I was censored on Facebook and my account has been disabled, and they said they won't give it back to me. I was running a Caucasian group and was supportive against war in Syria. I think it is a reason for disabling my account.

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facebook blocked me for 30 days for no reasons ... since arab muslims took over fb help center that was it ... they play games with you ... read your self ... im now searching of how i can sue facebook for silence me 30 days for no damn reason/s ... and i keep email them but hey no response for weeks ... no help at all ... fb apologized for the mistake they did ... but im still blocked from posting , like , chat ...
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I just received a 30 day ban from Facebook for making this comment on a thread.

"David King You are ignorant. Read something some time. History is fascinating."

That was the entire comment that garnered me a 30 day ban.
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