I was blocked today from posting anything on my page or elsewhere because of a comment I made regarding Islam 2 days ago. I was talking about how Islam is spreading across Europe and how that religion is incompatible with values of democracy and freedom. As a female, supporter of the LGBT community I will never be sorry for calling out this religion. I find it ironic how any other religion can be freely criticized on Facebook, especially Catholicism and Christianity but when it comes to Islam you almost have to walk around on egg shells. 

Well... They won't let me publish a group, because it may be a bullying page. I hit appeal. Wrote them a little note.

If you don't stay in detention or FB and Twitter Jail, you are not doing your freaking job. Dang. Do I look dangerous to you?

And why is most of my history missing. I am seriously ill and need something to do. Good grief.

Has anyone's ability to comment on any newsfeed been blocked for consistently anti-democrat and their media comments?

I have never been profane or threatened anyone, but have been consistently critical of the open borders, world globalist, anti-Constitutional democrat elites. I've heard of pages being blocked before, but not all comments an individual can make on any page.

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"U.S. participation, especially if an agreement is reached, would be the first indication of the.....

Hello. I was censored on Facebook and my account has been disabled, and they said they won't give it back to me. I was running a Caucasian group and was supportive against war in Syria. I think it is a reason for disabling my account.

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If you're concerned about Facebook censorship, you need to go here and buy this book... https://www.amazon.com/Banned-Facebook-Enables-Militant-Islamic/dp/1944212221/

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facebook blocked me for 30 days for no reasons ... since arab muslims took over fb help center that was it ... they play games with you ... read your self ... im now searching of how i can sue facebook for silence me 30 days for no damn reason/s ... and i keep email them but hey no response for weeks ... no help at all ... fb apologized for the mistake they did ... but im still blocked from posting , like , chat ...

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I just received a 30 day ban from Facebook for making this comment on a thread.

"David King You are ignorant. Read something some time. History is fascinating."

That was the entire comment that garnered me a 30 day ban.

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