Has anyone's ability to comment on any newsfeed been blocked for consistently anti-democrat and their media comments?

I have never been profane or threatened anyone, but have been consistently critical of the open borders, world globalist, anti-Constitutional democrat elites. I've heard of pages being blocked before, but not all comments an individual can make on any page.

I've been a member of Facebook for 10 years. I have never been banned by Facebook until today. It was a pretty harmless comment. "It won't go well for Muslims who want to make alcohol illegal in Germany....Germans like their beer :) " I want to do everything I can to bring down Facebook for their left wing activism. Let me know how I can help any ongoing efforts. I'll gladly invest my time to put a stop to these hacks.

Twice now I have been suspended by Facebook for comments that violate their community standards. These community standards are vague and interpreted by left wing activist censors on Facebook arbitrarily. I believe their strategy is to describe a true and outrageous act by liberals as a means of baiting conservative Americans to respond....then....censor them and prevent their participation in the public forum. Following a racist rant by Michelle Obama, I commented that she is an angry tar baby (a cartoon character from a Walt Disney movie). I was threatened and banned for a month by Facebook. WHO exactly determines what is allowed and not allowed? You are better than Sherlock Holmes if you find that answer. I want to move against them legally. Any help?

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President holds constitutional power over immigration

Council American-Islamic Relations announced an intention to sue President Donald Trump over his executive...

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"U.S. participation, especially if an agreement is reached, would be the first indication of the.....

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Quando um país é marxista Internacional-socialista ele é de esquerda, mas quando é Nacional-socialista racista passa a ser extrema direita? O comunismo pregava o surgimento de um novo homem sociológicamente, o nazismo pregava o surgimento de um novo homem biológicamente, os dois pregavam uma falsa sociologia e biologia para o surgimento de um novo humamo, porquê mesmo os dois sendo de esquerda, socialistas, e lutando por mesmas causas o nazismo é extrema direita e o comunismo de esquerda? O quê faz o nazismo de direita? Comunismo e nazismo lutam pelos mesmos ideais, mesmas conquistas, mesmos objetivos, nazismo é de esquerda igual o comunismo, chega de doutrina.
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If you're concerned about Facebook censorship, you need to go here and buy this book... https://www.amazon.com/Banned-Facebook-Enables-Militant-Islamic/dp/1944212221/

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I just received a 30 day ban from Facebook for making this comment on a thread.

"David King You are ignorant. Read something some time. History is fascinating."

That was the entire comment that garnered me a 30 day ban.

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