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We've been censored by fb for weeks now mixed Catholic American family

I run a Progressive/Left page with 8.7k members. Our posts, a majority mine, are well researched and are not in violation of FB’s community rules and standards. We attack both Democrats and Republicans, do not post conspiracy theories, and can offer sources for any material. Yet, on almost a monthly basis, FB indiscriminately embargoes is for half the month.

When I attempt to appeal, I demand to know why they have, yet again, censored us. No response. Trying to co tact FB over this situation online is met with no response. There’s no omnibudsman or department to get answers for this consistent harassment. So, what I am learning this that if you attack the duopoly or the sitting Administration, regardless of the validity and veracity of your content, you get hit with harassment.

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welp.. im on another 30 day.. . this time for posting a picture of some klan members and saying that this group was started by a bunch of democrats.. instaban.. lol (id like to point out that i am in no way shape or form a racist nor do i condone the klan or its beliefs)

I TOO have been put in Facebook Jail. The Longest for 2 weeks. For posting Conservative News. Apparently Facebook deems conservative news like Gateway Pundit, or Fox news as something "undesirable." When I look at some of the other post with such filth and offense yet those posters are allowed to continue posting.
I AM SICK AND FURIOUS OVER THE CENSORSHIP and I want to take the bastards for everything they got!

Best Regards,

Melissa R. Hood

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I go by Ian Rauch on Facebook. FB has censored me via block on more than one occasion for next to nothing. I'm at the point of 30 day blocks. This time Facebook has crossed a legal line in my censorship. The policy "see something, say something" applies here I believe. I seen a very radical leftist attacking Kanye West with racist memes. I simply said "Filip you're being racist to Kanye". This Filip guy reported the comment. FB moderators then marked my comment as in violation of community standards. 30 days. I'm beyond flabbergasted that by doing the right thing in my case I was punished by Facebook, and furthermore understand that it's CLEAR I was censored for political reasons. All because I called out racism from the left. I would love to join a resistance against such attacks on our 1A. I've found 0 help from anyone so far. We need a legal team
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I do not like that fact that facebook censors people who speak the truth and don't sugar coat real facts. For example, my account suspended for 24 hours for reposting real video of the supposed people protect at the gaza border, and then commenting that the Palestinians are not peaceful and never will be

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😲"You can join, it is global.
(619) 338-1100

Takes less than 5 mins. to join, or you can join online, attorney website is on voicemail at this phone number."
I got this info from other outlet, checked its a lawyer website here linked to the phone number >>>

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