Facebook seems Terrorists network supporting muslims .. American people say NO islam .

Mark Zuckerberg. Traitor and Enemy of America

Not sure if anyone has brought this up, but FB has made where I cannot see my friends list. So as long as I can't see my friends list I can't clean it up. It has been like this for awhile.

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How to fix Pname Com Facebook Orca error on Android

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The Satanic filth running Facebook suspended me for three days and censored my posts for speaking against islam. Details are at http://www.facebookcensorship.com I ask that all real Christians agree with me in prayer that the Lord would reward those responsible according to their works including any devils who reported my posts. Pray with me that the Lord Jesus Christ would curse the hearts and souls of the devils censoring the truth and harassing speakers of truth.

Bro. Steve Winter DD

Complaint about Facebook Censorship. Facebook seems to have employed some “tolerance police” whose job it is to censor any views which are not sufficiently politically correct or secular humanist. Any view which seeks to base itself developmentally upon the philosophical foundations (especially the moral philosophical foundations) which made the USA the nation with the greatest freedoms in history, as well as the most prosperous nation, runs afoul of Facebook policy, apparently. Politically correct people have had for decades the advantages of dominance in academia, in most televised news stations and in the entertainment industry. So when Facebook offed initially a platform for other citizens to declare their views, even including well-considered philosophical, ethical and political views, this was a very important service. Increasingly, however, highly educated and intelligent people whose points of view are not politically correct are being censored for not following Fb’s progressive party line— which Fb calls its “Advertising Policy,” even when we clients are paying Fb for the right of having a professionally and ethically operated blogspot with them.
Our Church operates a Facebook blogspot in Spanish titled Iglesia Católica Oriental-Rito Arameo which is read in a number of Latin American countries. We place on this blogspot articles and some few photos and videos which are intended to be constructive and inspirational and for the common good. Because we are a Church and are interested in demonstrating the reasonableness of Christian beliefs vis à vis contemporary challenges in our increasingly global village, we would like to have from Fb respect for our reasonable and justified freedoms of speech, conscience and religion, as are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, First Amendment, and also by the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 18 & 19. On several occasions, Fb has disallowed sound articles which are valid, even in the light of pure natural reason, simply due to their “politically correct” ideology. What follows below is a partial listing of examples of such Fb unjustified intolerance:
• Article (07 January 2019) in Spanish on President Trump’s having signed into law the sending of aid to Christian and other religious minorities who are victims of ISIS. This topic is dear to our heart because our autonomous Church is an offshoot of the Assyrian Catholic Church of the East, many of whose members were martyred by ISIS in recent years—2016 to present. It was not a “PAC” statement; we have also publicly thanked people like Prince Charles of the U.K. Israel’s P.m. Benyamin Netanyahu for their public leadership in this same matter.
• Article (11 January 2019) in Spanish on “Socialism—Where does it work well? In Sweden? In the Bible?” This was well-researched and not in any way detrimental to educated dialogue.
• Article (12 Nov. 2018) in Spanish, on Addiction to Pornography. This non-allowance by Fb was also surprising in view of the fact that the arguments were based entirely on current scientific psychological research. The fact that this research concurs with Christian moral teaching should not be a reason to dismiss or disallow it.
One of our colleagues tried several times to speak by phone with Fb personnel and was most dissatisfied with their responses. The best response was one from a Fb staff member who said she was Christian but recommended that we only write articles that were in no way disliked by other readers/commentators. Shades of the Soviet Union. To send a written complaint to Fb about their censorship is a privilege which must be paid for. It should not be this way. Fb needs to be monitored carefully by the FCC concerning their infringements on our First Amendment Rights as their paying clients.

Archbishop Seán Walsh
Eastern Catholic Church-Aramaic Rite
Lima, Peru

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The wicked anti-American filth at Twitter have suspended my account without cause and are preventing me from confirming my phone number. There needs to be legal action against Twitter. Jack LIED to Congress! #LockJackUp

Please share this around and on Twitter @BroSteveWinter had 16.1K followers when Twitter pulled this garbage.

Share with @realdonaldtrump @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP on Twitter as evidence that Jack lied to Congress

I ask any Christians to agree with me in prayer that the Lord would reward the filth responsible according to their works.
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Twitter is also doing major harassment and censorship. Jack LIED to congress about the censorship and shadowbanning. Now I am locked out of Twitter. When I try to verify my number it gives a "technical issue". Jack and the other scum involved need to be prosecuted. Please share this as I can't post on FB or log into Twitter where I had over 16.1K followers.
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