I am a proud Hebrew Israelite and I post things concerning who the Hebrews are, our biblical origin, political and black activist quotes ,etc. I also have a linked page where I post biblical scriptures, quotes, etc. Mind you, I post this daily. I have over 1600 hundred friends, yet I only get likes 3 or 4 likes a day on any given post. I then post a picture that had nothing to do with politics, religion or race, and got people coming out of the wood works that I hadn't heard from in years, commenting and liking. I know they monitor, block and censor my post. I even thought it had to do with algorithms. I commented on a post and before I could get the words down , my phone started doing some weird thing and the next thing I know , I receive a message saying my post does not meet community standards, and I was blocked for 24 hours. It happened on another ocassion where it said something about the post being linked to spam. So at this point , I'm really fed up.

Ok I just got blocked again by facebook, for 6 days straight for defending myself against a Troll on a group page. He reported me because I hurt his Ass with words and he couldn't beat me, Face Book blocks me but yet when I repeatedly reported him many times Face book does nothing what so ever. this is really pissing me off and I'm beginning to hate Face Book big time in that I can be harassed but yet not be able to defend myself with strong language in an all adult group page.

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Facebook censorship strikes again!

I got FB Blocked for 4 days straight after I said they hire Pakistan Terrorists to do censorship on there Posts. 3 seconds after I posted that comment I was blocked, twice in a row. saying it was against community standards. So it must be true if they had to block me right away. The only reason they hire them is because they can pay them cheaper as compared to real American citizens since they are foreigners no one would even notice they are terrorists.

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Oh look... a TAC Rant.
So this girl was pimped out on Backpage & ended up dead.
The only website being sued is Backpage, despite Facebook allowing the pimp to locate, coerce, & have sex with the teen who then ran away.
1/many http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-sex-trafficking-guilty-plea-20180403-story.html

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I got put in fb jail for posting my religious beliefs and my political views, and even had some posts taken down. This is not right, this is violation of my constitutional rights to freedom of speech!!!!! I believe, strongly, mark zuckerberg needs to be held accountable for these actions being taken against people like myself

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Mostly I get banned from ZuckyF’s Facebook whenever I upset non-reproductive outliers represented by the Stonewall neomarxist postmodernist leftist cult SJWs. Lives and families destroyed, and Facebook basically quashes any real discussion and debate on the topic.

Facebook Censorship: Gender Dysphoria and Faisal Saeed Al Mutar. The Authoritarian Left.

I've been censored and locked out my Google account before, posting about the bible and "conspiracies" i know ppl other than me have had this experience
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