I got up this morning and went on to Facebook to talk to my kids. I am told I am banned for 3 days as I have been censored over this comment response made 3 weeks ago, I can't even remember, to a Casper. "Casper, I don't think even a tranny would stand a 'ghost' of a chance of hiding this one!" Don't they get a joke? Casper=friendy ghost / tranny=hiding something. What is happening here?
Has Mein Fuhrer taken over the entire comunication system?

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I have been in both Facebook jail and G+ jail before. I sympathize with the Counter Jihad Coalition that is now in Facebook jail because Muslims can’t stand when the truth is told about Islam.


I also posted many sermons and and christian teachings. I posted things concerning sexual immorality and many topics harming young adults today. And facebook also disabled my account sadly. They are persecuting christians daily and yet those that post sexually explicit and gay rights posts are free to stay? It is a satanic agenda to used to corrupt youth

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I tried sharing this on FB & it was blocked because "too many are posting this and it may be spam" try another post....

I am a Christian minister and a write a weekly blog (bikershepherd.blogspot.com) and I have been posting my blog to Christian FB group pages for over 2 years. Last week while I was posting it to the same groups, 2 of which I am an admin., FB blocked me, and suspended me from posting or joining any groups for 2 weeks. No explanation.

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I was banned for 1 day in late April for advertising my e-books which are available from this direct link to Amazon Books. Get the non-taqiyya truth about Islam: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=dr.b.aaron+von+hagen+iii

Next, I was banned from FB for 3 days for a reason which I cannot remember other than being told that my posts do not comply with their standards. Whatever it was, I assure you it was political speech; the very type of speech supposedly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

And now, I have been banned for 7 days for posting a cartoon of Achmed the Dead Terrorists. FB's own policy states that satire falls within their acceptable limits. I guess they don't know satire when they see it.

I also have a separate anti-Islamic site that has reached 1481 LIKES since its inception ~ 30 months ago, which I suspect is the real target of their ban.

Discriminatory censorship.
I got blocked this weekend because earlier in the week i responded to a post declaring "Obama as best President ever", well, I couldn't let that pass without a statement of truth in response. The little, un-educated,uninformed little snowflake couldn't handle truth and I was abruptly delcared a racist and reported to FB. I was blocked with no contact from FB to refute my position.
I see this as a flagrant disregard for MY 1st Amendment Rights ! Just because her safe room wasn't handy ,I get blocked ?? Outrage doesn't cover it. I have seen articles about a class action suit in England against FB. Is there anything as such going on in the US yet ?? 

banned 30 days for quoting this....

I was blocked today from posting anything on my page or elsewhere because of a comment I made regarding Islam 2 days ago. I was talking about how Islam is spreading across Europe and how that religion is incompatible with values of democracy and freedom. As a female, supporter of the LGBT community I will never be sorry for calling out this religion. I find it ironic how any other religion can be freely criticized on Facebook, especially Catholicism and Christianity but when it comes to Islam you almost have to walk around on egg shells. 

Has anyone's ability to comment on any newsfeed been blocked for consistently anti-democrat and their media comments?

I have never been profane or threatened anyone, but have been consistently critical of the open borders, world globalist, anti-Constitutional democrat elites. I've heard of pages being blocked before, but not all comments an individual can make on any page.
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