IK this is really old... but does anyone want to get me some Shinies from ok hex? I know it's a bit much but soundhax keeps crashing when I try to download it...

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask: who is good-hearted and can create me some eggs (max 3 per person) for an egglocke I want to do on Alpha Sapphire?

I failed an egglocke on pokemon Y, and I wanted to try again with Alpha Sapphire . Anyway, you can send the eggs (which are created with pkhex) to this address: diego64.egglocke@gmail.com

Thank you and ... let the hatching begin!

The Help Team.
+Blazing Infernape 
+Mike Garcia 

Great idea for a community.
I have installed Homebrew on my 3DS and it works like a charm. If you ever need a moderator I will be able to help out no doubt. I have spent many years working with computers and am a pro when it comes to hacking Pokemon.

Hey m80s if anyone needs any help/troubleshoot with pkhex (or the homebrew app 'pchex') just ask because I can help. Be it 'What is pid and is it important?' to 'This Pokémon is banned in online what did I do wrong?' Just shoot a question and I'll help out! Happy Hexxing! ;D
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