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Just an announcement, tomorrow on the 17th of july at 7:30, there will be a livestream on the disney xd youtube channel that will answer questions anyone has, I'll be on the stream, but I will be using my 2nd account (Frightbear 87) so I don't get kicked from the chat... again

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Theories from "Booth Buddies"

1.When Star and Marco kissed, Star was in with the moment, she wasnt thinking. When the split, Their faces were surprised because they werent thinking. After Marco left with Nachos, and Star grabbed the Pics, If you pause when her hand is just about to leave the screen, Star and Marcos cheeks are glowing. After that, The Blood Moon Appeared. So Star and Marco are Soulmates. I think The Blood Moon made them kiss because they were both shocked after the kiss.

2. I dont really have another theory But down below is the kiss from Booth Buddies


Mabey Toffee wasn't evil to begin with, mabey Moon's mom was evil. Moon's mom is ms. Henious. Mabey Toffee killed her bcs Henious started to change princesses into mindless slaves. Scince everybody hated him for that, he turned evil. And mabey he use to like Moon. Bcs in the battle for mewni, he touched her shoulders, if he touched her head, Moon would know that Toffee wasn't evil. He just wanted Henious to stop. But he killed her clone.

That me Toffee theory

I love to be the owner

Okay, I have this theory that happened on "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown"
Obviously spoilers
1. So you remember when Jackie and Marco kissed? Well, when he looked up at the moon, he saw blood moon until he blinked. He probably thought, "This was a mistake" and ya know what binding souls together means? SOUL MATES. Whats a soul mate? It's like a bf or gf that you were together with in heaven. And the blood moon was angry at Marco and made him remember the Legend of the Blood Moon. Which mad a glinch in Marco's eyes. So he went to look at his phone and saw that Star tried to call him like 57 times. So he went to find Star.

2. You remember when Star was angry/jealous with the Jarco date? Well she kinda started to turn evil. The blood moon could tell her the future so she knew exactly what was happening. Blood moon/family bloodline got her to turn evil by a sliver. She put in dark magic and she was scared that she was turning evil. So she fell back on Jenna/Janna? And the spying portal closed.

Ya that my 2 theories for "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown".

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This picture was way too funny to keep to myself, I found it on pinterest

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Just gonna post it here now (Art is mine)

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Honestly, I'm just posting this for memories, we will all miss the old outro

ay guys, wassup

so... why isn't anyone talking, I'm pretty sure we're all here right now
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