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Name: chance
Age: 15
Race: human nightmare demon
Reason you're here: he was framed cause people think he killed people
Staff or No: no
Abnormalities: tail claw
Abilities and Powers: claws
floor: 1

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Surviving a Horror Movie 101 with Sans:

(No Picture..... YET)
Name: "Well..... My name is Cleo.... But people call me 'Creepy Cleo"
Age: "I'm almost 19....."
Gender: "I'm a man..... Just kidding! last time I checked I'm a woman.
Personality: "You can say I'm a little sarcastic about things......."
Sanity Level (10 being sane and 0 being CRAY CRAY): 3
Likes: "Attacking people....... of course when i have the chance....."
Dislikes: "Getting caught attacking people....."
Bio: Cleo Lakes, 18 years old, was reported missing by her sister, Maya Lakes. After being found in a random civilians house with blood all over the walls and Cleo found with a missing eye, she snapped and is now in the asylum for others safety.

Hello and welcome to the asylum!! Have fun and remember!!! There is no escape.
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