Literary Experience in the Digital Age
When exploring the question of why literature matters in a twitter essay, I wrote #literature matters because it documents accounts of one’s thoughts to create knowledge for the present and future generations. Is this not true? When taking it a step further and think about literature in the digital age it opens up so much opportunity. Literature, in a sense becomes exposed because a wide variety of audiences can have access to it at their fingertips. Whether it be through a phone, a tablet, or a computer anyone can have ease of accessing a gross amount of literature through the internet. Taking a trip to the library to check out a book or look up archives is a thing of the past. In today’s world people can enjoy a digital copy of a book at their convenience. Literature matters in the digital age because it connects us. With social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter it creates an imagined community. With access to these sites you personalize it by creating a profile, sharing things you like with a group of friends. Interacting in these social networks share ideas and opinions with others through text, audio, videos, and pictures. It is a convenient way to have personal relationships without actually being around any of them. Literature matters more in the digital age because it is our main source of communication. It teaches us how to write and feel about different subjects. It sets the foundation of who we are as individuals and brings us together as a community. It can define social norms in our imagined community. In the end, literature defines who we are and we can take as much or as little as we want in the digital age.

Literature isn't only something that we read out of a book, it is something that we use every day in this multimedia and digital world. Literature matters in this digital age because everything that we do in the world today can be found through several media sources, whether you are on a search engine, social media, even an app. Literature can be found through all of these resources and many more. With the media world today, literature is growing to be a very big and good investment again. The media turns books, short stories, and poems into movies and plays. Literature such as the Twilight, American Sniper, Holes, and the Hobbit, has been pieces that have turned literature into something exciting again, giving people the excuse of picking up a book and reading it again.

                With all of the social media apps and websites that exist today, it is easier for people to share what they are reading and what they like about it, turning more and more people back to reading literature because of peer reviews and positive peer pressure. Literature is also more accessible today than ever. Everything that you need is available on your phone, computer, tablet, and even radio, making all literature's easier to access.

Literature; The Heart of Civilization

Literature is the fulcrum from which extensive branches of creative and formal expression extend and blossom. It is a valuable system that enables many other forms of media. Without its presence, books, history, and other forms of writing would cease to exists.

Literature is apart of everything. It is literally taking the rules of our language and applying them in a way that others understand. Books, scripts, texts, video games, articles, movies, forums, and any other source of spoken or readable material are all subject to its great reach. It sits at the heart of humanity's civility; if we could not enact literature, there would be no improvement on our kind.

If our founding fathers, those who crawled from their caves many tens-of-hundreds of years ago, could not vocalize and could not record their knowledge, our society would not be as it is today. It began as words and stories passed from generation to generation, transitioned to writing and drawing on material, to finally reaching our great information super highway, the Internet and all the technology that revolves around it.
In the 'digital age', literature has not been replaced, and not been overshadowed; it has evolved. In the 'digital age', we record our work and take notes in computer documents, we ask questions and commune in forums, we read and write books digitally, but all of these things are still subject to the power of literature.

1. Practice reading as a conversation carried out among reader, text(s), and writer. By taking the opportunity to read aloud and place myself in the character and authors position, reception of the text changes and enhances my reading experience. I think that you perceive the context different by the state of which you read. Especially if mentally you are not open to receiving it. I also catch things when I read in 3 to 4 turns. Once in my head just as is, once out loud as a receptive audience, once again in my head but as the author trying to catch significant points that I may have overlooked previously and once as the author listening as though someone was reading to me. This has to be done over time, not just wham bam, one after another. To fully enhance the experience of text, it is like a wine that you need to slowly drink and enjoy the flavor and body of each one.
2. Use the tools of active reading (including annotation, note-taking, and reading aloud) and various digital technologies to enhance your encounters with texts of all types. I was terrified of writing in my books at first. I felt that is was sacrilegious. But now I can enjoy making notes about perception, thoughts provoked, feelings, and questions on the sides of certain books, keeping a notebook nearby as I read so I can go back over, take it to a new depth. I like saving favorites to refer back to. I look forward to using an electronic notebook and making wordless after reading some free time reading. I want to see if the wordle can express what has come across to me through out the text.
3. Demonstrate and apply basic terminology for the analysis and interpretation of literary texts. I like identifying terminology while in class and exploring the meanings and identifying such words while expressing the written word. I like to annotate while reading to identify new words, unknown or misleading words. It enhances the reading experience. When reviewing the mean of certain words, it can often provoke a deeper thought or a new tangent that would have otherwise been lost and never brought to the surface.

The Endless Possibilities of Digital Literature

In the world of literature, many would argue that the written word has developed less significance because of the use of modern technology. With the future of machinery growing and becoming much more prevalent, I have found this not to be true in regard to the fact that all compositions can be considered “literature” if taken into perspective. Literature matters in the digital age because there will always be people willing to read. No matter what, works of literature will always find a way… whatever form it takes. Although it may not be honorable or news-worthy, it has been seen that, just because we can access it more readily, it does not disenfranchise it in any way. In a Twitter post from November 8, 2014, I created a hybrid between Shakespeare and a modern “tweet” that read: 
“#Literature would, were it not #Literature call’d, retain that dear perfection which it owes without that title #twitteressay #twitterspeare.” 
Why can’t we have beautiful works of literature online as well as in books? I feel there will always be a demand for books. New technology that is being used specifically for reading such as the Kindle, Nook, or Tablet is being assimilated into society. How great is it that we can carry many books, magazines, and stories all in our hands? We should not be criticizing the fact that literature can be read without a hard back binding but rather that we can now read as much as we want, anytime we want. The creative possibilities are endless with the use of digital technology. Individuals now have the ability to mass-produce their creative writings for the world to read.

Why does literature matter?
Literature has the power to bring people from all walks of life together. It doesn't matter where you are, what your history is and what you have experienced. You are given an opportunity to share your experiences all while learning of other's experiences. How are we to know that our society is branching out and exploring? How are we to teach our children to be open minded and try new things, if we ourselves do not as well. We can learn of empires rising and falling, religions forming and fighting for their rights and beliefs. We are given an opportunity to place ourselves anyplace anytime and live! We can share quick tidbits or deep interpersonal journaling moments. We can be the person we have dreamed of under the mask of the digital area to hid behind. Literature evolves yet has the same basis and foundation. We are where we take it. We are granted such subjectivity that it forms independence and sometimes conformity. We learn to think and fight for the ability to explore. We are to keep evolving just as literature has from the written word to the more enhanced digital era.


So the question is why does literature matter in the digital age? Well let's look at society. It's built around technology and yes we are considered the digital age in this generation. So with the amount of technology why do we need any for of literature, why does it play an important role in our world today. Of course back in the day when we did nothing to have Google/sparknotes that could help us search up any type of book we needed to know about. The same thing with spell check and other helpful resources that help us with any form of literature. So with that being said we really don't need literature because of all these sources that can basically do the literature stuff for us. So why is it important in this modern day? Well it's brings us back to our roots. As you could see literature is found in different forms and some can be found in different times as well. For example literature can be traced as far back as the Egyptians and the Roman times. One of the more important literature prices that is considered one of the best of its time period and of all time is William Shakespeare's works. This is just one of many of building blocks that brought literature to what it is today and it's just going to continue to advance as long as man continues to write, which we will always do. As long as many has a story, has something to argue about, has an option to be made literature will be there. This is why it is very important to know that literature does matter in the digital/modern world today. So just remember when you start arguing with someone or just chatting on the phone with you parent or your friend just note where that language came from, and the history behind that.

Why does literature matter in the digital age? This has been the question all semester that we have had to think about, especially with this course. Understanding why it matters in today's digital age is important. We can all agree that literature in some shape or form is important in everyone's daily lives. Whether we are talking with someone face-to-face, or reading an article online, literature is important. It is important because we need it to communicate. We become who we are because of the readings, thoughts, images, poems, etc. that we come in contact with throughout our lives. It is safe to say that today is much different then 30 years ago or even just 5 years ago. The newspaper is a great example of just how much has changed over the years. No longer do you have to receive a hard copy of the paper. Now, you have the option to go online and read it, comment on it and look at ads. I think this change was the hardest for most people to deal with. Another good example is that of CD players in cars. I know that all of the cars that Chrysler Group LLC makes, a CD player is now a feature that you have to add to the vehicle if you want it. Let's face it, change is scary and hard. Sometimes we feel as if we are taking a piece of our life away when we change something. I have had the opportunity to read my classmates posts and the biggest thing I have gotten out of all of them have been to embrace change with an open mind. This class has been a great tool for me to learn. I thought I was pretty tech smart, but I have never used Google+ in this manner before. At first, I wasn't sure what to do. Now, I sit here and say how in the world have I not used this before and why don't other teachers use it as well. Classes like this are important for our growth no matter how old or young we may be. As new pieces of applications are introduced to we tend to become overwhelmed and move forward slowly becoming more aware of what this application does. Once we become familiar with it, we push all of the old ways to the curb. Learning new ways is very important to our growth in life. Once new applications become available, we need to be willing to learn about them and use them to see what they can do for us. The best thing to do is to sit back and think about the "good ole days," and how much we have progressed. When we do that, we have a great appreciation for what new literature has done for us and our society. 

Around the World!

 Literature matters because it is by experiencing it that every individual gets to connect with others. We learn through it, we communicate through it; we share opinions, feelings, experiences, thoughts and so on. By coming into contact with any literary work our knowledge expands and that helps us become who we are.  Sharing other people’s experiences sometimes puts our lives into perspective, or by reading a piece of literary work we can get motivated to take a different direction in our professional or personal lives. Now living in the digital age, communication can take place at any time and from anywhere with anyone. Isn’t that awesome? We get to communicate whatever message we want in the middle of the night if we want to, just like we have done in this class. We have shared many opinions and pieces of great literature, and we have been able to do it from the commodity of our homes, cars, work and many more places with just the click of a button.

Literature matters in the digital age because it is now, at this time, that we have fast and easy access to any kind of literature. Never before has it been so easy to communicate like it is now. Sure we have noticed many people doing a lot of writing and reading and communicating trough the social media, but not necessarily classic works of literature. I think if few people start to introduce classic literature texts in twitter, face book etc.  anyone can get curious and will want to read some poems, books, maybe Shakespeare’s plays. What I love about the digital age is that It has provided us with the accessibility to share our opinions about any kind of texts we read, and we don’t have to stick to local reading groups, or school groups, or friends and family members, we can virtually talk to anybody around the world and have a great time experiencing a text from many different points of view, and from different cultures.

#Why does literature matter in the digital age?
 This question is hard for me to understand, especially after this class. Understanding the full scope of what literature actually is and haing gained a new appreciation from this class over what literature covers and overlaps into makse this question seem like a no brainer.  Why does literature matter? It is a crucial part of how we communicate as humans. The stories the we share, the thoughts, the images, poems, tales fiction and true. We become who we are as individuals and colective groups influenced by readings, writings and what we choose to share with one another. As we progress to an age where we have less "hard copy" used or available; there is always the fear we will lose our past and where we came from. Change is scary and uncomfortable. In reading other post and having conversations on this topic before I believe there is potential for what we fear to happen. I also believe we can embrace and prevent what we fear. The topics and subjects we discussed in class are so readily available through the our digital media sources. Classes like this are important to our growth, no matter our age. As applications and formats are introduced we become overwhelmed with the new and push the past forms and works of literature to the back burner. Introducing ourselves and the young to both aspects is a necessary pat of our development. additionally as our information is so quickly available to us we must learn and practice the discipline of time. The chance for reflection and absorption lets our minds decide exactly how we interpret and feel about the works we come in contact with, eventually shaping who we are and become. How we find this balance is delicate and I believe we must be vigilant.
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