Honestly I hate horror movies. I hate all 3 levels. I think this show is more because of the terror, but it does have all 3 in it. This is one show I have always wanted to try and watch, I just never have and doubt I ever will. I don't like letting my mind be taken over by fear. I like to feel in control.

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o   I chose the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I think this movie is scary for a number of reasons! The first reason being that it is advertised as being based on a true story, some events. The other thing that makes this movie scary is that at the beginning of the movie it is relatable, a bunch of friends want on a road trip wanting to have a good time. The characters that are introduced in the movie as well appear to be normal and nice, to some degree. But as the movie advances and reaches its climax there are definitely parts in the movie where the writers have made it suspenseful and the audience on the edge of their seats. Another idea that is presented and can be seen as scary is the concept of cannibalism! While we have heard cases throughout decades of real people turning to cannibalism, this movie takes it to a new level! In the news we associate cannibalism with creepy people, not the idea of scary and barbaric; at least I do not. The music, lighting, clothing, make-up, and props etc. also that are used contribute to the overall “scariness” and terror of the movie.

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I am not a huge horror movie person at all. I find them a bit over rated, why would you want to sit around and be scared? Nonetheless, one of my favorite horror movies is the classic "Dracula." This film is a classic that has been remade numerous times, but none of the remakes match the original. The entire movie has the dark and cold feeling that is filled with lust and and fear. I am showing the trailer, I think that it does a great job showing everyone what the entire film is like. From the beginning you can see what Dracula wants to do and wants to become. This was a fun movie to watch again over this past week, even if I am not a horror movie person. Dracula (1931) -Trailer

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I decided to choose the first two ALIEN movies for this, mostly due to the release of the new video game, ALIEN: Isolation, which I feel has been the most faithful successor to the originals.

In ALIEN, a terrible creature is let loose among the crew of a ship via exposure to an alien derelict ship. However, the creature didn't exist before they boarded the derelict, rather it was born during the events of the movie.
Essentially, the creature has a very bizarre life cycle; first, a creature, called a 'Facehugger', latches onto the face of its victim and impregnates them with an embryo of the creature, then it eventually grows to a point where it is capable of escaping from its host body in larval form, where it bursts free from the chest of the victim, and then it hides away to go through an exponential growth spurt, eventually growing to be larger than a human.
One of the crew is infected this way, and eventually the creature carries out the process of its life, killing the crewman and hiding away. Once at full size, it goes on to kill all but one of the crew, who is the protagonist, even causing them to go far to destroy their ship and forcing the protagonist onto a small, claustrophobic shuttle where she has a final confrontation with the creature.

Throughout the movie, the terror brought for is that the creature remains completely mysterious and sticks to the shadows. You never know when it'll show up; the majority of the movie it crawls through the ventilation systems and slowly preys upon the crew. They even attempt to confront it with fire, but it persists.

Additionally, it has a sort of 'unable to kill' vibe, as any cut the creature sustains causes it to bleed a thick, and very potent acid which melts through anything, human flesh or ship hull alike. It creates a sense of eventuality; unable to kill it or remove it from the ship, it will eventually prey upon everyone.

It's a good classic. Though dated in technology, it continues to live on, especially since Prometheus and ALIEN take place in the same universe. I'd recommend it. Here's a trailer for the second movie, ALIENS:
[Aliens] [1986] [Trailer]

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This part of the Grudge is when the main character is taking a shower and feels like she feels someone's hands also massaging her head.  Being in the shower already makes a person feel vulnerable.  You could easily be attacked and would have one hell of a time defending yourself with soap suds running into your eyes.  I shouldn't admit this but there have been several times I have taken a shower at a hotel and when I closed my eyes and turn so the water hits the back of my head I always see this damn part of this movie. 

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Let me just begin this by saying, I love horror movies. I have always been a huge fan of the genre and I probably will until I die. I enjoy the thrill and suspense of it all. Now, the clip I am posting is far from my favorite movie (Insidious), however, I have to give kudos to the director James Wan for instilling such a surprisingly scary part in a movie that wasn't scary. I think the scariest movies are the ones when the main character is fighting an unknown force. I do enjoy the serial killers but there is something unique and frightening about taking a subject like ghosts, demons, and other worldly beings and putting them against humanity.
 The Alfred Hitchcock quote, "There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it.", I find goes quite nicely with this clip. The suspense of seeing the demon and then thinking "Oh that wasn't that bad, all the demon did was point at the boy and be very eerie." NO. Just when you think it's safe, BAM! Darth-Maul-demon right behind the main character. This element of surprise is classic fear. Thinking you're safe and then you have that same thrill of terror. I have watched many scary movies...but that one scene will forever stay in my mind and taking me by utter surprise.

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I chose the movie clip "Black Dragons" by William Nigh.  I don't watch horror movies because how scary they are.  So I chose an older movie because it's not as scary as the newer movies. The movie takes place at the beginning of World War II at the Nazis request Japan's Black Dragon society sends Doctor Melcher to Japan to transform six prominent Americans. The Americans are done away with and Melcher on the orders of High Dragon Yahnamea is imprisoned so his secret will die with him.  Melcher switches places in his prison cell with soon to be released Colomb and, when he is freed, follows six Japanese to America.  They assumed positions of the industrialists and are causing sabatoge in the Monogram defense plants that didn't exist yet as the war hadn't started. Melcher kills the imposters, despite the fact he is performing free work for his employer Adolph and dumps their bodies on the steps of the Japanese Embassy which still was the same as it was before the war.  Dick Martin and F.B.I. chief Colten finally figured out what the five murdered men had in common and a visit to Japan and stake out the sixth man for Melcher as bait. "Black Dragons" is espionage thriller that was a poor scripted movie and cheap to make.  It was not a popular movie that many people didn't even know about it's existence.  I also thought it would be interesting to share a movie that not to many people are familiar with. 

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I was excited to see that we have an assignment tied in with Halloween. It is a nice way to end this fun filled week. When I first read this assignment, I instantly thought of the movie, “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick, based off of Stephen King’s book. I watched this when I was 2 years old and never got over the horror of it. I would have nightmares on and off until my teen years, when I finally figured out what movie it was. The quote that best describes this movie is “There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it.”-Alfred Hitchcock   this quote best explains this film because it is a psychological thriller. It does have some gore, but mainly the viewer is in suspense of what is to happen next. Jack and Shelly and their son, Danny go to this hotel to care take during the winter. Their son, Danny can see past events that have happened in this hotel and can see ghosts. As events unfold involving killings and events that have happened in this hotel, Jack starts to go crazy. He holds conversations with these ghosts, goes to events, and takes advice from them. He is told to “correct” the situation of his wife and son. It soon becomes a cat and mouse game of Jack trying to find and kill his family. It is especially scary to have suspense of what Jack is going to do next. In this clip it shows Shelly, Jack’s wife trying to escape the building with their son, Danny. Meanwhile, the film shows Jack going through the building with an ax talking and calling out her name. When he finds the bathroom that they are in locked, he starts destroying the door with the ax. Will he kill them? Will they get away? This is what keeps chills going down my spine. Well, you just have to watch to find out what happens next.

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When I first read this assignment I knew it was going to be a hard one for me to do. It has been a very long time since I've watched a horror movie, and trying to convince my boys and husband to watch one with me didn't work. so I had to be creative. For a Halloween movie the 3rd and 4th graders that I work with voted to watch "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." It's a comedy more than anything else, but not for little children. They thought it was the most horrifying movie they ever watched.
I would have to say that the kind of fear that this clip portrays according to Stephen King is horror. Some unnatural occurrences happened when Mr. Chicken is in the haunted house: weird noises, organ plying by itself, and more thing of the sort.
This is a fun movie to watch with the whole family (my family didn't have any problems watching this one with me).

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So when I first saw this assignment I immediately knew I was going to use a clip from Wait Until Dark. That was the first scary movie I remembered seeing. When I opened up the link to post I realized someone else had already used that clip so I decided to use something else. What Lies Beneath is a great scary movie! The quote that stood out to me is the one by Alfred Hitchcock that said "There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it."  This movie perfectly describes this quote. If you take each element of this movie by itself there is no fear in it at all. However knowing it is a scary movie you are constantly waiting for the scary parts. There are a few jump out and scare you parts but mostly it is the anticipation that there will be something scary. This clip portrays that great. There isn't any "bang" or anything that is scary. The only thing that is scary is the waiting for something to be scary. Really one of my favorite scary movies. The whole movie is full of anticipation of something scary and turns out to not be anything scary at all. 
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