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((My OC))

Name: Abi Schultz
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Fire Angel
Powers: Fire-related (Shoots fire from palms, heat-proof, etc.)
Weapon: A flaming katana, her most prized possession
Hair Color: Usually Dirty blonde with honey blonde streaks, but can change depending on the temperature
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: Bold, bright, happy, fun-loving, humorous, loves to laugh
Skills: knows how to play guitar and percussion, had a valid boating license, speak a little German (Mostly curses(
Likes: Watching YouTube, watching cartoons, animation, video games, cats, watching Vines, fireworks
Dislikes: the people who think they rule the world
Most Likely to be Found: Dancing around for no reason
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Hello my name is Alex Auer

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Name: Aqua Zorla. CHA- His name is Shadow. No, it's Chaos Angel! that can be your alias, idiot!
Alias: I'm known as Wi- CHAOS ANGEL! I'm Wipeout.
Age: We're 15, although Sh- CHAOS ANGEL! is 3 minutes younger then me.
Grade: We're in- * why do YOU have to say the info?* do you want to? Oh h*** nah!* Ugh! We're sophomores.
Affiliation: Good. Evil for life!
Powers/Weapons: Shadow can fly and hide in shadows, The only power my brother has is farting. shut up, I can control water and make water weapons.
Appearance: Picture! (Shadow has yellow eyes, Aqua has blue)
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(So... I wanna make new friends... So I decided to make an RP. U don't have to ask me if u can join, just start rping. I hope with this Rp I make friends)

I'm walking looking for my locker. I find my locker. I'm the newbie in ur class... But I seem to not be able to open it. Some girls look at me and laugh their popular evil laugh. One of them whispers, "omg its the newbie" and they start laughing again as they leave. U saw what happened so u decided to... (open rp)

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Name: Jessica Drew
Heroine: Spider-Woman
hey. I'm Spider-Woman. I save my town and all. But i need to go to school. So I decided to enroll here. You guys already now my back story. Right? Anyways I'm new here and in general too. I'm new in Google +. I wanna make friends. And I really hope to make friends here.
powers: spider webs and well u get the idea. Basically Spider powers

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Please vote I want to know which one is better
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Name: Justice
Superhero/Nickname: CrossHairs
Skills: Good with Guns, Technology Wizard( amazing with technology it's basically his life) He has spy equipment
Bio: He never had a family he was always rejected so he was accepted into a gifted school program and he has that cool cocky guy attitude
He has a cat named CrossPaws she has no skills and he has a mansion because he is a famous technology person
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Name: Chris
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Powers: Magic through backwards speech and minor telekinetic ability
Alignment: Good

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This my RP character for Superheros RPs
Name : Tori Stark
Age : 17
Gender : Female
Favorite thing to do : Building Items
Related to : Tony Stark
Bio : She has powers to control any metals and transform it to make different items.
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