Avoid the Summer Gypsy Sales Teams!!
It's almost summer time. If you own a home chances are your front door will have someone knocking on it offering a "Free Security System" or a "Free System Upgrade." Watch out for these folks. In most cases the door knocker is not going to cause you harm. He is most likely selling a fine product and representing a great company.
The problem does not usually appear until much later. In most cases these door knocking crews are brought into neighborhoods by the van load. None of them live in the area. Ask one. They are usually from some other state working in yours for a short time.
When the crew is finished in your area, they move on.
Guess what happens when the system has a problem or the bill comes in  too high? Imagine what happens if that sales person was only interested in you signing the contract, and not the quality of your protection.
Who do you call? Who will take care of you?
Go local. There are many security dealers right in your own backyard. One you can reach if there is a problem.
Remember you get what you pay for. Would you trust your life to a "Free Security System"? Especially if you cant even locate the person who sold it to you.

Hello folks! I'm Jason. Hoping we can get into some real discussions regarding protection of our homes and families. The world today is much different than it was when I was a kid. The threats are very similar and the counter measures are becoming much more advanced.
We can discuss almost any topic that pertains to the safety of your person, your family, or your property.
I am an expert in the field and have personally installed and serviced thousands of systems designed to protect the customer in the most effective manner.
Just a few topic suggestions would be:

Residential Security Systems and Devices
Commercial Security Systems and Devices
Video surveillance/CCTV
Notification devices
Disaster Preparedness
Doomsday Scenarios
Lethal and nonlethal weapons.
Panic systems
Situational Awareness
Bugging out

These are a few ideas to get the juices flowing. If there is something you would like help or information on, that we did not list.... post it anyway.
Just please keep it clean, no illegal activity or threats you will be banned.
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