does the ps3 friends app still work i just installed on an other phone same model as my last and it don"t work

Como faço pra experimenta o ps3 beta

Hm, why I can't see friends status (like as comment) :l

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Hey I'd love to try the new beta :)

New version released 3.0.9 beta.  Fixed some FC issues when attempting to do a swipe down refresh.  Updated the timeout for the network calls to be longer.  I think I fixed the friend list issue.

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Just released 3.0.6 beta, this includes games and trophy lists.  Working towards the previous functionality.  The new backend code should make it easier to add additional accounts, so the app won't be limited to a single account.  The app now supports the ActionBar layout.  Let me know what you think.  I still have to work on the profile (own trophies) and then going to work on adding a compare functionality.

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I just released a new version that will fix the startup crash.
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