Hello! My name is Sierra. I am leader of The Celestial Knights, a Minecraft Clan that has recently started recruiting once again!

We've created a new post for several things, like issues with grammar, and clan updates. If you'd like, you can find the old post here.

You may have seen us before this new post, which if you have, hello again!

So, I suppose we should just get straight to the Rules. After that, the application.

-~- RULES -~-

Griefing any build, part of the clan or not, is unacceptable.
You will not be allowed to be in any other clans.
Sexism/Racism will not be tolerated.
Do not duel or kill fellow clan members. Practice Duels are acceptable, but you must let a superior ranking member know.
Hacked clients are not allowed on most servers, and we will not allow them if the server or game we play on does not.
Overall, please do be respectful to others.
If a member is breaking this rule, please come to a superior ranking member.
Please highlight the following to reveal what it says and please put it in your application somewhere. This is to let us know you have read the rules. "Astraea"


In-Game Username:
How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
How did you hear about us?:
What interests you about this clan?:
Do you have any specific skills in Minecraft?:
Do you have TeamSpeak?:
If not, will you agree to download it to use it for communication?:
What do you expect from us, and what should we expect from you?

A trial period is an option. Please Private Message either me or another leader if you would like to choose this option.

If you would like to be an ally to The Celestial Knights, please do the same as you would with a Trial Period.

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