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Welcome to Cold Glory, the Nuclear Winter Story Driven Post-Apocalyptic RP community! This is a rather unique community.

The adventures you're about to participate in take place in the near future, several decades after a global nuclear war, with thousands of detonations worldwide, resulted in an intense and crippling nuclear winter. Much of the more fragile plant life in the world has perished, and the radiation thrown into the atmosphere has resulted in many strange and hardy plants taking their place. The much colder oceans lost much of their algae, almost leading to a fatal lack of oxygen on the planet, but mutation saved the world, as a rapidly growing and far stronger variant of algaes and other sea plants spread all over the world.

As for the human population, its estimated only a billion or so survived. Of the United States 350 million residents as of 2030, a mere 40~ or so million cling on. For China, which had plateaued at a billion, only 90 million survived. And so on. While the nukes and radiation wiped out about 3 billion people, the immediate starvation, and then long term loss of the food supply thanks to the nuclear winter has wiped out nearly all those who survived the war.

Very few pockets of civilization survive. Nothing Is known about the rest of the world. Remaining of the USA, the Midwest Confederacy, a few states in the north of the nation.

This is where Season One of Cold Glory begins.

The Midwest Confederacy is currently still struggling on, as it attempts to keep its solar plants, and the underground farms filling up old silos and bunkers struggle to keep producing enough food for the "Stretch"

Here in the North, cold, merciless, winter sits for 9 months a year. A short 3 month lukewarm period is the only respite from the constant snow and freezing cold. Many strange and hardy plants are grown in these three months, but food always runs out in the last month or two of the Winter. This period is called "The Stretch." Recently, Confederate money has allowed construction of underground farms in several old military bases and silos. Thanks to the concrete and more adequate temperatures, these structures are capable of growing normal plants, now impossible to grow outside.

Far to the west, nearly 300 miles, sits the remnants of the Golmud Pact. A hegemony of Russians, Chinese, and their puppet nations, the United Koreans, Communist Japanese, and several other puppet nations, sent millions of troops at the outset of the American Civil Wars. As the country fractured, Asian soldiers forced the land to shot its constant fighting. The US government remnants, operating out of Cheyenne Mountain, waged guerilla war against the Golmud Pact.

The mysterious launch of nuclear weapons by all sides caught everyone by surprise. Most GP troops were killed by nuclear fire in the cities they were peacekeeping in. The survivors, gathered on Vancouver Island, set in for a new life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It's been about 54 years since the nukes launched. The year is 2084. Most of those alive during the war have died or are just senile old men. Their children have their own children, and much of the old world is lost forever.

Now, the Midwest Confederacy and the GP forces are facing rising tensions. The Midwest Confederacy relies on the many independent hunters and farmers in the Demsee, the land between the Confederacy and the bombed out ruins of Seattle. However, the Golmud Pact forces have actually grown since their scattered survivors made contact so many years ago. Many of the survivors of the nuclear war banded together with the Pact, and now, the decently equipped, poorly trained, and large military force is planning to expand. There is only so much food and valuables that one group can exploit our if a populace before there is nothing of value.

The Confederacy sees the Pact as obsessive lunatics

The Pact sees the Confederacy as a juicy target.

But full scale war is currently out of the question. Instead, they rely on their proxies, the many scavengers searching over the waste easy to buy off.

How will you act in Season One?
Will you help the Confederacy preserve their inefficient and unstable government? Or will you work for the Pact, plotting the slow demise of the Confederates, and their allies?

Or will you go out on your own, to find the best loot you can, and kill a lot of dastardly creatures to do so?


Season One
In the first season of Cold Glory, you are one of the many scavengers, hired guns, or even just a random civilian, that finds themselves being constantly troubled by both the Confederacy and the Pact.

The story will progress through carefully planned story rp's. Players can choose to participate in quest rp's, which must be dm'ed by a moderator. These can result in good loot and gear, like a cracked scope for your duct taped rifle, or a gas mask to use when exploring irradiated ruins.

Regular character driven rp is also available. You can interact with other people, go wander the DMZ/Deemzey/Demsey, and generally do whatever you want within the nuclear winter of 2084.

[Season 2 will begin when the current story arc is concluded. The same is true for season 3 regarding season 2, and depending on player reaction to the stories at that point, faction building and the whole nation will be unlocked in Season 4, or instead, more story-driven seasons will be created. Super Secret Season 5(+?) will change pretty much everything, which should mix things up a bit after NLRP has been going on for a while.]


1; No godmodding, metagaming, autohitting, bunnyhopping, etc. You know the drill.

2: No asking for mod, arguing with mods, arguing with other members, or causing trouble in general.

3: No ERP on public posts. If your character is gonna get some booty, take it to a private post please.

4: No overly sexual oc's or arts. If you're gonna try to rp as some thicc babe wearing basically nothing in nuclear winter, I'm going to trap her in a snowstorm and assault her with mutants.

5: No OP weapons or characters. You can't just start as an important member of a faction, this is for mods and carefully selected members. Similarly, weapons need to be limited. At this point, the generic scavenger would be lucky to have a hunting rifle, and even hired guns would have shitty cobbled together weapons. Decent gear is available from quest rewards.

6: No advertising

7: Stick to the Season. Make sure you know what the current story is, and when you're rp'ing, don't just go off and try to explore somewhere outside the boundaries. Similarly, when making your OC, they shouldn't really be from outside the Season map. Exception is anything north of the map in Canada., as well as much of Alaska.

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The Midwest Confederacy
(Required Lore)
The Confederacy is composed of the former states of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. These states were the least affected by the nuclear exchange, and the previous civil wars and CIS intervention. Thus, as the rest of the world starved and perished of radiation poisoning, the citizens of these states banded together.

The Confederacy has a strong but small military. Several military bases, although damaged during the civil wars, still remained after the bombs dropped. Thus, the fledgling confederacy was able to secure its borders, with a small fleet of patrol vehicles, assault rifles, and body armor, as well as other military equipment. Over the 30 years since the bombs were dropped, many of these vehicles have failed, and many of the weapons and armor have been damaged. However, the vehicles have been replaced by horses, and the weapons cobbled back together in increasingly shoddy-looking configurations, yet still effective. Overall, the Confederacy is a force to be reckoned with, as CIS raising parties have discovered. Similarly, bandit gangs from the south have never managed to penetrate into Confederate lands. At least, none have ever lived to tell the tale.

The Confederacy is exactly what it is: a confederation. All four states have equal say in deliberations by the Confederate Congress, a small federal institution, with 4 elected representatives from each state. Every year, a President of Congress is elected from amongst the congress, with another congressman from his state replacing his spot in the congress. His job is to lead, settle disputes, and to break ties in the sometimes gridlocked congress. Recently, Montana and Wyoming have been very annoyed with the Dakota's, who have grown complacent. Unlike their brethren, the Dakota's are much more peaceful than the frontier that is Montana and Wyoming.

The People
The majority of the populations of each state survived the nuclear war and the preceding civil wars. However, the nuclear winter and famine killed off about half of the survivors. Overall, nearly 1 and a half million people live in these four states. Montana is the most populated, followed semi-closely by South Dakota, and then North Dakota. Wyoming is sparsely populated having only a quarter the population of Wyoming, but has massive farms thanks to its somewhat more temperate weather. Thus, it remains important to the Confederacy.

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Commonwealth of Independent States
The Golmud Pact
Created during the 90's between Russia and several neighboring states, the CIS was little more than a trade agreement until the early 2010's, when it began to emulate the EU. By the late 2010's, the CIS invited China and it's puppet government in Korea to negotiate at the city of Golmud. After weeks of deliberations, they joined the CIS, and that was history. During the American 2nd Civil War, the CIS "liberated" Japan, installing an authoritarian government that was essentially a puppet. With most of Asia under its control, the "peacekeeping" mission in the US went ahead. 5 years after arrival, the nuclear exchange occurred, with millions of CIS soldiers still abroad

The Military
CIS soldiers have a strange mix of quality and numbers. Most are poorly trained and equipped, and of mixed Chinese-American descent. After 35 years of essentially living here, they are on their second generation of adults fully grown. Most soldiers have barely functioning AK-variants, and armor is rare. However, there are some elements of the CIS that remain in incredible quality. The Russians have largely remained apart from the rest of the CIS, rarely interbreeding with the Americans, and thus remaining mostly Russian. There were plenty of female soldiers and support staff, after all. These troops are small in number, but well trained and equipped, with Russian weapons that aren't in much better shape than the Chinese crap, but are usually of better make to start with. There is also a small, elite group of soldiers, that function as Special Forces. Wearing body armor, carrying tactical rifles, and trained in CQB conditions, they are a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, the Russians maintain a handful of helicopters, used only in the most dire of cases or the most important of assaults.

*The Government
_The CIS is a military hierarchy. Led by General Zakhaev, who rules as essentially a dictator, everything is efficient and more or less peaceful within the heavily guarded and policed borders of Vancouver Island. However, recently Colonel Zhou, one of the Chinese, has begun to sow chaos through his and his followers want to end the dictatorship, and to change the CIS from a glorified bandit nation into a proper nation, that spread out over the surrounding land, and lived peacefully. This seems unlikely...

The People
Half a million people survived the nukes and starvation:winter in Vancouver's metropolitan area, while nearly a million survived in Seattle. Spreading out over the surrounding areas, farms and communes thrived for a time. Less than a year later, however, the CIS had subjugated most of the land around the cities, and the farms still pay tribute. Several thousand soldiers are all that make up the CIS, but after protection and general good treatment by the soldiers, the locals are rather loyal to their dictatorial masters.

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Better Template for Faction Leaders.







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